Saturday, February 03, 2007

Troop Purge!

Yesterday, the Intelligence_Community finally concurred with hundreds of nonaligned agencies, scholastic studies, scientific surveys, and human right advocacy groups that the sectarian violence in Iraq has escalated to that of Civil War... that makes it the whole world vs Dick and George, the Neo-Conservatives , their puppet government in Iraq and the War Profiteers. Oh and whatever increasingly smaller number of citizens who choose to listen to the propaganda or their investment portfolios rather than face the facts. Caught in the middle, our Brave Fighting Men and Women, Our Troops!

Surge is such a nice word, it sounds refreshing doesn't it? Sure beats escalation in the psychologic observation polls... lets use Surge! But the reality in Iraq doesn't afford the luxury of polling for a kinder, gentler way to describe life. Iraq has become one of the cruelest places on earth and only because of US Occupation. Yes Saddam was an evil dictator, but the US led "liberation" if manifested as a sole leader, would make Saddam look like a schoolyard punk. I like many, refuse to tolerate bully tactics in the schoolyard. But unlike MPS who has banned students from attending Bay View and Bradley Tech games, the means that this administration has used to bring order to the schoolyard is tantamount to destroying the school, and the nation the school belonged to, and the civilization that created the educational system! Perhaps a bit harsh, don't you think?

Like it or not, since we invaded Iraq the lifestyle of the average Iraqi citizen has become completely destitute. As tuff as Saddam was, they had relative security and basic human needs met in ways they've not seen since our invasion. More than half a million citizens have died, there is no water and little electricity or heat, the domestic infrastructure is gone, you risk life and limb to collect wood or seek food. The average age of iraqi citizens is under 15 yrs old. Adult males and females are routinely executed in horrific way, with drill-holes into their heads or simple shot in the face. Their bodies dumped in the streets where they lived to set an example. Even the gated safety of a family's home is threatened by the new directives for the new troops, to bust down every door to clear out every neighborhood.

Whatever your position, in favor or opposed, to whichever excuse Bush has floated out for justification of his conquest of Iraq, if you look at the reality of his escalation plan, it brings no justice and no peace to the region. So tell me, what are we fighting for? We are not going to bring democracy to that region no matter how forceful we decide to be.

Remember, Iraq was once called Mesopotamia and it's capitol, Babylon, dates back to the 23rd Century BC... Our little American Experiment is beginning its 231st year... Who are we kidding? They were experts Astronomy, Mathematics, Language, Art and Literature 1500 years before the Greeks! The land they occupy is known as the cradle of civilization. It has evolved over many millennia to be home for many religions. This alone is why scholars, historians, theologians, and sociologists have said- often to deaf Bush Administration ears- that a democratic society is impossible where religious differences supersede any nationalism. The United States of America was formed because people held the concept of a Nation, free and just, above their own spiritual beliefs and socioeconomic status.

This is never going to be the case in Mesopotamia and the Bush Administration knew it in 2001 just as most of the world knew it. But the reason we are there is because this Administration (more correctly, the Neo-conservatives within this administration) manufactured the "intelligence" to defend their objectives. It is public record and accepted truth in most of the world, that the run-up to conquest was based on false information, whether the Yellow Cake lies involving Joe Wilson, or the Colin Powell UN address with detailed graphics showing underground bunkers, railroad car weapons labs, aerial images of chemical and munitions plants, and the elusive WMDs. Even Bush admitted there were never any ties between Iraq and AlQaeda.

Once again this is not about connections, or facts, or nationalism, or pride, it is about an administration driven by an extremist agenda willing to stop at nothing to force that agenda. The Neo-Cons wrote their extremist agenda in 1998 and it clearly spells out a radical departure from the founding principles of our nation, violating our Constitution in so many ways it would need to be rewritten. (and gee, isn't that what they've been doing the past few years?) Their mission is Global Imperialism starting with the energy resource-rich middle east. They are employing the strategy to leverage 9/11 to get into Afghanistan, Afghanistan to get into Iraq and now Iraq to get into Iran... and we're eating it up hook, line and sinker!

Are we going to listen to a small extremist faction of the Republican party who is bent on the destruction of foreign nations and peoples to enforce their ideology? Listen to the propaganda of the Bush Administration, they confuse with the very definitions to engage and enrage us as could be used against them by any other nation. Look in the mirror America! We are the terrorists we seek to destroy and we are following the words of a few extremists.

Bring the Troops Home Now! Purge the Surge!

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