Thursday, February 22, 2007

Iraq's Smoking Gun

In a newly translated and nearly secret draft of the -soon to be proposed- law concerning control and profit from Iraq's Oil, It is clear the Bush Administration's real intentions were in-fact.... OIL! The 32 page contract reads like a mafia extortion contract where the Iraqis get the privielge of giving their wealth, power and control to a board of supervisors consisting of the executives of several major Oil corporations.

The three main points of contention are 1)long-term contracts for leasing and production levels. As long as 35 year contracts will lock in Big Oil to the Iraqi Resources. 2) Iraq will serve a board of financial advisors Federal Oil and Gas Council who will have ultimate say-so on any contracts or deals... and the Fedral Council is made up of Executivesfrom BigOil! Yep they get to rule on the contracts Iraq is giving to their own Companies!!! no conflict of interest here! 3) A regionalized form of contract bidding that will surely cause an uproar. The net effect of this condition will be the creation of three separate region-state that will act independent of eachother- actually trying to outbid one-another! There will be infighting and clashes but even more troublesome, it could break Iraq into three new warring nations.

Quite a nice job at Democracy George....

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