Monday, March 03, 2008

3 Trillion Dollar Lie

Last week, pResident Bush told Ann Curry on the Today Show that the problem with the US economy has nothing to do with our actions in the middle east, but rather it was because we built too many homes! Saying the war actually supports our economy because making weapons is providing jobs, our imperial pResident inferred that our carelessness and obsession to go shopping is what got us in this mess!

Can anyone say they don't want to ring this jerk's neck? This same scoundrel who within days of 9/11 told us to go shopping and who recently told us to take the silly $300 economic bailout check and go out to eat.... now says its our propensity to shop that got us in the is mess!

Polls show his popularity has dipped to 19% and still refuses to admit we are even headed for recession, let alone as most economists say... that we are IN one! So how can his criminal regime continue to assault anyone who disagrees with their "reality" and get away with it? How can anyone with an IQ greater than an acorn fall for these lies and propaganda?

All the MSM pundits and propagandists have the airwaves on fire with their next character assassination, Nobel Prize-winning Economist, Columbia University Professor and former Chief of Economics at the World Bank, Joseph Stiglitz and his co-author Professor Linda Bilmes, who's book The Three Trillion Dollar War, conservatively and judiciously reveals the many lies and deceptions this corrupt administration is using to keep we citizens in the dark while dismantling our nation.

There is no other explanation but that they are soon to overthrow what's left of liberty and freedom to crush the last nation that stands in the way of a one-world rule. And remarkably, large numbers of ignorant conservatives in fear of losing what comforts they've been trained to enjoy... seem eager and willing to give up those very things as they become subjects serving their current masters.