Friday, November 17, 2006

Welcome to the Police State!

No sooner than the polls close and already we're getting a taste of things to come. We let this abuse of power go on for six years and now we're begining to feel its effects. Watch as the newly enriched corporate class dismantles this little experiment called Democracy in America. Yes, the 231 year young, attempt at liberty and justice for all... may be in the initial throws of the mortal wound it has suffered at the hand of King George the First and his new Corporate Aristocracy - Corpratocrisy.

On election night the LA Times Editor, Dean Baquet, was fired from his post for not parsing his staff down to increase profitability! He's the second Editor axed from a major news publicatioin for making a stand, upholding the basic principles of Journalism. For it is now the role of journalism to bring home a 30% ROI quarter over quarter for their shareholders? The role of Journalism is the 4th Branch of Government.... the responsiblilty to hold the government accountable to the people. Once we loose sight of that, we may as well give up all our rights. We've no longer the ability control our destiny.

With no ability for the citizens of a democratic society to accurately know what is happening in their society, how can they effectively participate in said democracy?

We all remember the picture portrayed of Soviet media... the journalists would go to the politbureau and be given the stories... no one questioned the accuracy of the accounts, they merely took the word and posted it. We all laughed at how naive those silly Russians were to not know the truth.

Well brothers and sisters, let the truth be told, the world is watching us now, because we are doing the same thing, but our citizens too numb to realize it! And we comically stand defiantly and sing the praises of our Democratic System...

A man lit himself on fire to protest the war in Iraq in downtown Chicago, with a note, a sign and a video camera recording it all live. This was three days before the election. The media refused to publish the story until after the election... and then it only reported it as a crazy man's suicide. Another news publication refused to publish the news it learned of illegal wiretapping being done by our government on a large scale... until after the 2004 presidential elections... a full year later!

Now yesterday a middle eastern student at UCLA was brutally abused by several "peace" officers in the UCLA library in plain view of perhaps 100 students. He was repeatedly tasered for not standing up! Yes several healthy strong law enforcement officers chose to torture his brown skinned body, rather than physically lifting him up and escorting him out of the library... all because he failed to comply when they asked him to show his ID! And it was all recorded on video by a student sitting elsewhere in the library. If not for the video, the real story never made the news... it was mentioned as an altercation at the UCLA library. Now the media is picking up on the story, but already spinning it into oblivion... read on and then watch the tape

This is how it happens, overwhelming acts of aggression frighten the masses into compliance. The news media whitewashes the story to keep conformity in the general public, and freedom and liberty is now a thing of the past.

George Bush said "let the history books decide if i was a good president" I think he knew exactly what he was saying... I write the books... let them eat cake!

And now ClearChannel is being bought by a private investor group... media consolidation now is taken off the corporate charter and given to the hands of private citizens... with the last six years of wealth redistribution and war profiteering, the overwhelming amount of riches in this country are skewed to a precious few people... they are so wealthy, they can purchase the largest monopoly of media stations in America... tell me we're not entering a dark age.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ultimate War Protest in Chicago


I've just read that a Chicago Activist/Musician, Malachi Ritscher set himself on fire as a suicide statement in protest of the war underneath the Millennium Flame along the Kennedy Expressway at 7am Friday Nov 3rd. 41 years and a day, from when Norman Morrison self-immolated in protest of the Vietnam war in front of Sec of Defense, Robert McNamara's Pentagon Office in Washington DC. Two others died in 1965 also of self-immolation in protest of the war. Only their deaths brought headlines and made news. The well-known jazz musician Malachi, with a politically-charged "Mission Statement" on his website and a video camera on a tripod to record the event, ten feet in front of his body.... didn't make the news!

If you think we are not living under fascist rules,
you may want to lookup the definition.
For what disparity it gives the oppressed,
and for the message it tells the rest!

Below is a linked statement he wrote, and below that is the first news article of his death. This is a major moment, in my opinion, in the chapter of what living under encroaching fascism can do to the soul,
and how the determination to stop it is deeply imbedded within the daily lives of so many of us at this time in American history.

I am shocked not just by this news, but by the lack of word anywhere about this other than the Chicago jazz+improv community. This was an act of protest via suicide, not simply an act of despondence.

There is a local twist that may shed more light on the story. Malachi mailed a package to a local Milwaukee club owner and friend... in it were his house keys, a will, his mission statement and additional instructions. Hopefully the police and media will be compelled to produce the tape, and report the event for what it really was, the ultimate personal statement against against a wrongful war.

( I may not agree with his action, but I acknowledge his intent.),CST-NWS-bodyfire04.article

The Day YouTube Died

November 13, 2006

Republican funded PR firms crack YouTube to send propaganda to the "most viewed" section.... does the MSM report the crime? FOX attacks YouTube as being compliced... CNN reports the anomoly... but the hackers and their posts are still online!

Now it makes sense, YouTube was purchased today by Google- who is in bed (partnership) with AOL-TimeWarner and Murdochs, NewsCorp, owners of FOX. Say goodbye to freespeech on YouTube.

First sign of the death, the disappearance of Colbert, Stewart and Olberman from the Most.... lists. Then their disappearance entirely! The reason given... violation of copyright... supposedly having half a million people a day able to see show clips was hurting their viewership and profits... more likely the rapid increase in MSNBC's Olbermann over Fox's O'Reilly Factior was cutting into profits.... bring on Leno, Letterman and that dufus from downunder schleppin adverts and useless information.

Bye Bye new medium for public debate, hello corporate media... its a sad day. (Thanks for the catch antiklaus)

Welcome TheirTube! - newly renamed BoobTube!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

RightWing Media Bias Exposed!

Please take a moment to view this news clip
If you don't have a YouTube account
It is free and easy to sign-up
just follow the prompts...

It's difficult to comprehend from this clip that we are talking about a person caught flirting with a MINOR! Not just any person, a Congressman! Not just any Congressman, but the one who heads up the Commission to protect MINORS FROM PEDOPHILES.

And not just any Minor, but a captive group of children sent to SERVE CONGRESS.... A group of children given a chance to learn how Congress works! Sent by their parents to get an up-close look at our 109th Congress -in action! What have they learned? What have we exposed them too? And now, how are the spokesmen of the GOP responding- just listen!

How can anyone align themselves with this kind of doctrine? It is inconceivable to think that anyone can pretend to claim any moral high ground on this issue... while behaving like this.

Steve Malzberg is a disgrace to journalism...

Again, we are talking about a Pedophile who has been essentially given the keys to the children's dormitory... by House Speaker Haskert and the GOP-run 109th Congress!

Haskert knew of Foley's penchant for little boys-PAGES-for 2 years! Because the GOP needed that Republican seat and it was more important than the children of parents from both sides of the aisle.

This has nothing to do about prior scandals,nothing to do with Democrats at all... but watch FOX network blatantly manipulate public perception with lies, unrelated distractions and bully tactics. Straight out of Rove's Handbook

Steve Malzberg has the privilege of being a radio talk-show host! He should be censored just like Foley should have been by Speaker Haskert. But the right wing media will look the other way just as the right wing government did with Foley. So who really thinks the media is left wing???

Time to take to the pen and write opinions... to friends, family, neighborhood papers....

FOX is blatantly abusing their privilege to broadcast on our airwaves! And since 1981, the FCC, our government's oversight commission has been systematically re-staffed by media-friendly and in many cases media owned personnel. Today the FCC is nothing more than a rubber stamp for this administration and its policy... favoring media consolidation.

The director, Kevin Martin, headed the Bush-Cheney transition team and is a radical right-wing media advocate, his predecessor Michael Powell blatantly served the interests of media corporations... no wonder it seems like this kind of conduct is okay!

The real question is How low will we let them go?

We go about our lives too busy to accept responsibility... We push aside our duty as citizens in a Democracy, our duty to be informed... to take action, to participate. We do so at our own peril, for this democracy is unraveling before our very eyes- whether we choose to look -or not, and when its gone, there is no "do-over button"

Make sure the 110th Congress does not become the second Rubberstamp of the New American Century... And keep the Rubberstamp Republicans like Green out of the Govenor's office. Lets not make our children pay in ways far worse than the Congressional Pages have paid.

Here's more...
videoclip one
videoclip two

Speak Truth to Power- Keep Democracy Alive!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm a Citizen, Reps read on

Ah yes and I was one too.... I voted for Bush in 2000. But if you take the time to really look into the Bush administration's motives, you'd see as many Americans are saying, that the policies and actions of Bush and his key advisors have led to nothing but corruption and destruction for the purpose of consolidating power to a few giants, and not the vast majority of American Citizens. This is not what Republicans, Conservatives or Morally Conscientious people stand for but with the power of several corrupt Industrial leaders in key sectors (energy, media, pharmaceutical, defense contracting and most important, Banking) this administration has been able to fool most Americans into thinking they have been Fiscally Conservative and Pro-America in their actions.

This administration and the 109th Congress, for those not paying attention, was neither Republican nor Democrat. Its corruption was unprecedented in modern history and it's sweeping mandates have led our nation into deep financial and moral debt while trickle-down tactics have given most of us the appearance of prosperity and righteousness... All this is being done by creating the largest debt in our nation's history and alienating us from more nations than in our 231 year history.

If you overdrew your credit card by $5,000,000,000 don't you think the bank might have cut you off? Not if the bank had something to gain by keeping you funded... So what this administration did was to reach out to everyone's greed... politicians, businessmen, contractors, lawyers, doctors, investors, and even you & me... They said here's $340 back from the government cuz we're cutting taxes... remember those checks? Then they gave out checks in the form of legislation to Congress... want to fund some pork in your State? no problem, belly up to the trough.... plenty of money for all.... just remember who gave you this when we call on you to pass some changes to our Constitution.

All that money they've been tossing round has made Americans forget our responsibility as Citizens in a democracy. We became preoccupied in other things, building a business, buying a house, participating in a multitude of diversionary spectacles like sports, entertainment, gambling, fashion, television, travel and investing.... each brought us comfort and the appearance of prosperity, but kept us from noticing what was happening to our government. Then 9/11 happened and our nation united against the terror of 9/11.... not the causes. Curious that we never really try to explain why Bin-Laden hated America? What, denied a VISA check card? Turned away at the Tilt-O-Whirl for height restrictions? Got a defective HamBurgular Action figure in his HappyMeal?

Regardless, we rallied together and listened to our leaders who pointed towards Bagdad and said... there, go get Saddham—er Afghanistan and Bin-Laden... Now with our nation seriously committed to a war on Terror, we feel obligated destroy sovereign nations, their leaders and their citizens in the name of Democracy. (thats called a Crusade)

Okay, which part of fiscal or conservative, or moral, or ethical, or family value, or business sense, or patriotic, or Constitutional does this direction from the Bush Administration take from the platform of the Republican Party? So you see, regardless of who controls the 110th Congress, what I celebrate is that Democracy has won the day, perhaps the new blood will bring about a higher appreciation to the fundamental principles our nation was founded on just a mere 231 years ago.

I believe in the same principles as you, I want a fair chance to make my own destiny in a nation that tries to treat all it's citizens with respect and dignity. I realize there is an obligation and responsibility I bear as citizen within this nation and I'm willing to make sacrifices to maintain the principles that founded it. I believe in upholding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and will abide by rule of law - so long as it is just and equitable.

But I also recognize my role and responsibility to question the rules or rulers if i feel they do not live up to the founding principles of our nation. That is our duty. That is the thread the weaves together our Flag, a patchwork of diversity that this nation was founded upon.

We've been lacking as a nation of citizens, in our duties and obligations to hold our leadership accountable. I'm happy that Tuesday, Americans came out in large numbers and did their job. They stopped / or at least slowed an agenda that has disenfranchised our nation and its citizens from the very bounty that is ours— Life Liberty and Justice.

I will be as critical of the 110th Congress and no less vocal if they do not uphold the standards of our Republic. I apologize for the length of this reply but it is important to me that you understand where I'm coming from. I think we're more alike than different.


just a citizen....

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Erection 2006

I am guardedly optimistic that tomorrow
will bring the reality that America came out
and voted against the most corrupt government
in our nation's history... for they certainly did
come out... but there is more than a few reasons
for concern... I still recall 2004 and all the work
i and many others did at several polling stations
and all the early signs that pointed to victory...
and the breathless tears of all the workers,
my friends with MoveOn, and all the others
gathered at Vivos, mouths agape at the news
that unfolded.... lets pray it doesn't happen
this time....

Remember, Its not the vote that counts,
so much as the one who counts the votes!

Vote Different.

I composited a video on YouTube that parodied the Apple Think Different Ads called Vote Different.... it was watched a thousand times in the week it was up. The following week the creators of the original requested I take my copy down... I had no trouble complying as it was their effort I was piggybacking. To see their originals... got to