Thursday, July 08, 2010

This is what Democracy looks like....

This is what Democracy looks like..... corporate citizens with no soul to redeem or body to incarcerate, spending unlimited truckloads of cash (much given them from bailouts by taxpayers) to put their mouthpieces in office to derail rights and freedoms of living people not on the Corporate dole. Yup... this is what we got when we foolishly accepted the token "death tax, war on terror, clear sky, leave no child untested policies, fabricated by K-Street corporate lobby suck-ups.

So now we got a hole in the Ocean floor that BP won't let us touch... let alone study so we can determine how to fix it... no they need to cover their asses at our doom. And what, their Judge overturns the Presidents ban on Drilling cuz it hurts his investments... yes folks while we got fat and lazy letting Bushco steal our nation to rule the world, we lost any chance of governing ourselves without an uprising. Swell... so now MoveOn wants you to sign a silly petition in the hopes someone in Washington might go against the machine that paves their roads in diamonds.... to help you and me.... right.

so I signed... go ahead and sign too... but perhaps tonite as the sun settles on the horizon where ever you live, know that the richest 10% of the world's elite own 85% of the planet's wealth. The bottom 50% own less than 1%.... the 3 richest people (we know of) own more than the cumulative wealth of 48 nations.... BP proclaimed to a deaf MMM agency, run into ruin by their own appointees, to have the means to be able to salvage 480M gals of oil PER DAY in the event of an underwater leak -TWO MONTHS BEFORE the Deep Water Horizon Crisis... TO DATE... BP has skimmed less than 9% of what it said it could skim EVERY DAY.

And yesterday "their" Coast Guard and puppet Judges declared the Gulf Coast OFF-LIMITS TO JOURNALISTS without proper prior approval !!! And so it goes.. our lifestyle, our livelihood, our nation and the planet many of us call home.

Enjoy the sunset... of the day, of Democracy and of mankind... oh, and sign this silly statement.