Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Happy new Year 2005

Happy New Year Friends,

I'm refreshed, renewed and ready to face a new year's fight for what is right... how bout you?

I'm nearly past a bout with my cluster migraines... (google the words and rejoice that you have had no knowledge-or affliction with this condition)- mine occur every two years for 30-40 days with dozens of 5hr hemispherical torture sessions. Fortunately this year, I found an actual remedy to my 14 year affliction in a couple non-western energy healing techniques - thank you Joelle and Holly 8^)

So- I am refreshed, renewed and refocused on the task at hand. Time to organize, educate and invigorate ourselves, our friends, our neighbors, families and foes... yes our foes... to we need to reach out and realize, retake and rejoice in our nation and what it truly stands for. Yes, the Residential Erection was not what any of us imagined... though we won our battle in Wisconsin, we lost the war in America. Yes there is an awful lot of good, sound evidence that this Erection was won through the use of some Erectile Enhancements in Ohio, Florida, New Mexico and Wisconsin... the Vote-agra was dispensed in the form of traceless electronic voter booths, pushy republican poll watchers (fluffers) equipped with wireless blackberry PDAs to record the votes- better than any exit poll ( I witnessed this first-hand in Milwaukee), and by Kenny Blackwell, the Florida Justice overseeing "Fair and Balanced" erection results, who had no conflict of incest in being co-chair of the Resident Bush campaign in Florida. The two brothers, both Bush Pionographers, who swore to deliver Ohio to Bush four years ago. The brothers who own Diebold and ES&S, the vote machine companies who sold Pimped-neocon-legislators to use non-verifiable voter booths because of the profilactic Powers of incorruptibility! Who needs a paper trail when we have a Secure Intercestnet Connection? ...... ball blah blah!

Yes it is good to get this out of our system... But more importantly, it is good to realize that the silver-lining that surrounds this black cloud-like next term of office - affectionately referred to as Resident Evil 2 - is that he did win. - and now (p)Resident Bush (the p is silent like the t in tsunami) -Resident Bush, who is a tenant in the White House -far worse than the one Michael Keaton played in the 1990 movie Pacific Heights ( ) has plans to infest- like rodents (er ROVEnts)- to every level of infrastructure in our society. These vermin need to be irradiated- or at least held in-check, no differently than the Orkin man would tackle that Pacific Heights home after Keaton was exterminated.

But we are human beings, not rodents (though I can see the confusion with the likes of Rove, Rumsfeld, and Rice). We are supposed to represent the pinnacle of evolution of our species on this planet. But I have to tell you, my Bees seem much more evolved than the majority or our voting constituency these days. Anyhow, we are human beings and we (despite the actions of Resident Bush and his Rove Pack) should take the high road of proper conduct in the face of adversity.

But this road is not a single-track trail with little room to pass... no, if we are going to outrun the masses who seem content to passionately pacify themselves on a steady diet of FOXTV, White House press briefs and Nascar races... a mass who is content to coddle themselves in the warm embrace of Jesus Christ our risen Savior and Lord- as told through his most prolific pastor Rev Jerry Falwell... contented by repeated rhetoric that after a measured number of views-becomes truth... then we need to work that trail, beat that path, and learn from our ROVEnt adversaries, how to lull the Pied Piper and his passionate pacified to sleep as they have done... in this last Erection.

One of the most powerful tools the ROVEnts and the Resident used in the last Erection was their Lexicon... their choice and use of words- and ideas. They effectively secured the words Patriot, Morality, Conservative, Commandment, Religious, Faithful, Leadership, Responsible, Righteous, Terror, and Evil... to their advantage. They distorted the factual definitions to their own actual definitions through a unified campaign of repetition and reenforcement and resolve.

It is now time for us to use the same technique to regain the true definitions... and regain the passionate pacified fold that was so easily led astray by the Resident and his ROVEnt Pied Pipers...

MoveOn is has returned from the holiday recess and is beginning its legislative wake-up campaign with a call to email your congressmen to tell them to resist the actions of the Resident and his ROVEnt administration.

Thursday, our nation's legislative leaders begin what is sure to be a difficult up-hill battle to help negate the effects of our power-abusive Resident Bush. Alberto Gonzales, the Calico Cat of Conservatism is up for nomination to replace John Ashcroft as Attorney General. Please speak out to your congressmen... empower them with your encouragement, pump them up to begin the resistance... for it is they who are the first line of resistance.... and we are the supply chain that helps keep them strong while in harm's way.

Also I encourage you to keep engaging in discussion and deliberation about these and all the other issues that will certainly be shafted to us by this administration during its 2nd term. I offer that it is best to not engage in sharp confrontation- though like my prior cantor- is fun... it is not very effective in swaying passionate pacifist opinion. Like meditation, you don't sit down one time and after five minutes- become a yogi master or bodhisattva... it takes repetition, rehearsal, refinement. So too your discussion will become more eloquent, more refined, and more effective... the more you practice it.

Education... make yourself a student of the issues... friend of the facts... learn through books, papers, web-quests and videos. Listen and learn... empower your discussion with knowledge and passion. Stay tuned... we've got work to do... and we're gonna get organized, enlightened and empowered together to begin to make changes - at home, locally and abroad. Everyone has something to offer... Everyone has a role to play. I'll be sending out opportunities to gather at my place and at others' to watch videos and discuss... to meet and plan actions, to come together for strength.... and to further our MoveOn ties.

I've attached my personalized portion of the Moveon petition below... take what you need, enjoy it, use it, repeat it... lets start to get on the same page with our lexicon... lets retake those words and teach the passionate pacified the correct definition of those words... and the correct way to honor our country. It's not really their fault that they can't see the truth... they've been played by the King of ROVEnts... the pied piper Karl Rove... lets take this technique and push it right back at his twisted sick criminal mind. Show him he has actually helped us... by awakening our sense of Patriotism... or Morality, of Chivalry, of Responsibility, of Leadership... and true Righteousness.