Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Vocabulary Lesson

Before we continue to dismantle our language any further...
Lets look at some other words this nation's leaders seem
to have trouble keeping straight!

We have an environmental policy that opens forests for logging,
mountains for mining, rivers for polluting, plains for asphalting,
and lets pollution standards drop to levels before Gaylord Nelson
made Earth Day.... and we call it the CLEAR SKIES ACT!

We cut after school programs, drain our education budget,
gut our national coffers forcing States to find money from us
through other means... We treat our teachers like second class
citizens, we don't provide even marginal accommodations and
equipment for most of our nations poorest schools... while awarding
millions in fees to bussing companies.... and then incarcerating the
children as they don't fit into the suburbs they are bussed into....
and we call that LEAVE NO CHILD BEHIND!

We call awarding millions in no-bid contracts to Diebold, Bush's
biggest campaign contributer and maker of the "paperless ballot boxes"
that were set to —reject errors— on rich white ballots causing the ballot
to bounce back til properly cast, but "mistakenly" turned to
—accept all ballots— for poor and democratic voting districts....
and we call that the FAIR VOTING ACT!

We enact sweeping policies to take our freedoms away...
allowing the government to invade our privacy... detain anyone
indefinitely with no access to lawyers, family or friends...
and we call it THE PATRIOT ACT!

We begin a war with a nation—first because it was alleged
to have had involvement in the September 11 attacks....
then to oust a mean dictator— then to find nuclear arms...
then to help them create democracy... now because we're too proud
to just back out.... and we call that PATRIOTIC!

We avoid calling this a WAR because then we'd have to abide by
the Geneva Convention and treat our "DETAINEES" with some
human decency.... instead we call them terrorists...
(people who carry weapons, wear no uniform, operate in secrecy,
answer to no specific chain of command, and commit random acts
of terror to create fear) - but we hire thousands of CONTRACTORS
who carry weapons, wear no uniform, drive unmarked vehicles,
answer to no chain of command, and commit random acts of terror
to create fear---- AND WE'RE THE GOOD GUYS??? and we're not
supposed to have our people abused when they are captured????

NOW we let a man commit treason and go unchallenged....
2 years ago—Karl Rove knowingly exposed an undercover agent
(Valerie Plame) working for our CIA, to punish her husband who
exposed facts that the allegations of Iraq's nuclear threat were false
and unjustified! AND WE CALL THIS JUSTICE!!!

I guarantee if it was a democrat who committed this act
they'd be swinging from a gallows pole!

AND because this administration thinks it gets more media milage
from Robert Novak than a lesser know woman reporter Judith Miller-
a loyal Bush Supporter... they arrest her instead of losing Novak
even though she had nothing to do with the article! She in-effect
took one for the team—and we call this POLITICALLY CORRECT!!!

We tax and jail our less fortunate for petty crimes while we let Enron,
Tyco, S&L Execs go free or with petty sentences... We let
Corporations enjoy powers or citizenship far beyond those of
actual citizens.... grant them unprecedented access to our legislators
in the form of lobbying...give them tax loopholes to allow them to
extort billions from paying what normal citizens have to pay every day...
We allow our legislators to act without ethics or moral standards...
awarding favors and contracts to contributers while accepting
all manner of favors in addition.... AND WE CALL THAT DEMOCRACY!

Sure- lets keep sending this stupid email around telling how some
priest in kansas thinks we have a funny way of twisting our language....

before we all beat our breasts about what great christians we are...
why not start asking the tuff questions like why are we killing
hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians? Why are we going broke
paying for a war that seems to only benefit Halliburton and the
terrorists we call CONTRACTORS, why do we let an administration
commit egregious acts of incompetence and continue to operate
without some consequence??? why do we let Karl Rove continue
operate above our nation's laws while loading the offices of our
Public Broadcasting, Defense, Education, Environmental Standards,
Food and Drug, Media regulatory boards, school boards,
Appellate Courts, Supreme Courts.... with people fixed to preserve
his notion of a "FREE SOCIETY"

While we're at it since when did FREE SOCIETY become
synonymous with the RULING CLASS ELITE???

You wanna talk language misrepresentation watch your leaders!
Meantime please stop bringing God into this debacle... I don't think
he 'll like this when you chance to meet him at the end of times.