Monday, January 29, 2007

Troop Scourge

pResident Bush called for a troop escalation to "stop the sectarian violence" in Iraq. Does anyone but he, Cheney and their newest yes-man Col David Petraeus see the truth here? These troops are not going to do anything but kill and die in what may be our worst urban battle to date. Todays new recruits are in such demand they are only given two-weeks basic training before being dropped in hostile territory with live muntions and an adversary they can neither speak to nor understand, let alone recognize. Patraeus wrote the new counterinsergency field manual which defines new rules granted in the controversial 2006 Military Commissions Act, ignoring the Geneva Convention and Human rights, advocating torture and ignoring Habeous Corpus-the right to a fair trial. Recently while testifying before Congress, he boldly stated it was his opinion that Congress could do nothing to stop the pResident from funding any troop action. Does anyone comprehend these facts? Do our citizens? Certainly the media chooses not to report this reality I watched it on C-Span, but our soldiers will certainly wish we did.

Bush also restated the objectives of kill or capture any potential terrorists as part of the new Patraeus policy. It doesn't take much more than a four year old to figure that if a soldier cannot understand an Iraqi, or talk to them, they will simply kill them rather than risk their own life. So what pResident Bush is really saying is "I don't want to leave Iraq because I have my reasons, so its open season on all brown people till we show progress, or something really bad happens and the US citizens rally behind me again."

If you haven't noticed, the "something bad happens" is the real reason why Bush sent only 21,500 troops with targets on their backs, they are a distraction... its Iran. He is going to provoke or fabricate a reason to attack and it will immediately lead to airstrikes in Tehran and military action to stabilize their resources and topple their leadership. And with our strained ground forces, will he use Nukes in Iran?

Did you notice who has replaced Marine Gen Abizaid, the former head of Central Command a ground troop expert, fluent in arabic languages and knowlegable in the regions history and economics? The bewildered Old Navy Admiral William Fallon, an aged, out of touch, self-professed outsider with no knowledge of the region, its needs or any language skills pertinent his command. The former head of the Pacific Command and first non-army commander of the ground operations brings with him two aircraft carrier groups and expertise in airstrikes to a command that is overwhelmingly a ground operation.

Hmmm, another of Bush's great ideas? Like attacking Iraq in the first place, or firing anyone who disagrees with his version of reality? Fallon asks us to wait a while for him to get his hands round the situation, He says he has no knowlege of Iran, Afganistan, Iraq or any of the components needed in CentComm or its additional responsibilities for drug control, rebuilding and that never-mentioned item, negotiations. He asks for time, just like Bush who asks for time for this next policy to take he's asked the last fifteen other "plans" and appointees.

Well the US soldiers don't have the luxury of waiting when thrown into battle, our citizens don't have the luxury of waiting while their nation slides further into debt, further into a divide between the haves and have-nots. And most importantly millions of Iranians don't have time while in the crosshairs of a nuke-happy war monger. What time does Bush want? Time for what to happen?

The Bush Administration is not listening to the peons who live in this country, it has much bigger aspirations, regieme change and the perminent restructure of the middle east with their partners making enough money to declare independence from the now debt-strapped United States.

Troop surge my arse, this is a troop scourge and it is an abomonation to our Constitution and founding fathers that we let a tyrannt wage global conquest with our tax dollars and our ignorant consent.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bedding Email Blowup

Nation-wide criticism has exploded after release of story regarding a Waukesha company's interaction with an Soldier in Iraq. PeaceAction-WI headquartered in Milwaukee has received dozens of calls , hundreds of emails and requests for interviews from across the nation.

The initial story ran on local FOX6 news and the Milwaukee Journal and included a PeaceAction-WI spokesperson who then came in the crosshairs of people nation-wide. Julie Enslow of PeaceAction-WI voiced her concern for the troops and her disappointment regarding the inappropriateness of the email. She then urged viewers to continue supporting the troops by working to find a peaceful resolution that brings our troops home now. Sounds good to me, who can argue with that?

Well apparently alot of people, not just locally, but across the country. The phone lines and email boxes have been burning with disrespectful citizens expressing their disapproval of the discount store's email... to PeaceAction???

Are people so whipped up into a frenzy by our crazy media propaganda that the mere mention of a Peace organization can get them to turn off their ears and hack up a poison response?? I don't get it?

Its true that the mainstream media has been favoring the marching instructions from on high since the war began. There has been little journalism locally or nationally that hasn't been supportive of government talking points and camera angles. Haven't we all seen the staged servicemen asking pre-rehearsed questions? Haven't we heard of the militaristic restrictions given citizens seeking audience with their elected leaders when they speak locally? Why even the act of embedding reporters has proven bad for objective journalism.

Whether its a t-shirt or bumper sticker, a name on a list or an affiliation like the ACLU or Amnesty International, Free speech has been under assault for four years, and the battle fatigue has set in on ordinary citizens to the point where they seem to lash out first, and think later.... I guess its not much different than out president's war policy, but that's no excuse.

Unless these senseless hate mails have another purpose. Perhaps the frenzied behavior of people is just what our leaders want to test. What if it served as a barometer for public sentiment- float the story out there like a weather balloon. See which way the wind is blowing.

Interviewing Peace Action and a vet who collects donations helped to humanize the story, but was the reason for the story to inform, or to get a sense of the community's outrage? - Outrage to the story and company, as well as outrage to the war and those who oppose it- even to those who've stood against the war, and even if their opinion was in support of the position many of the hostile callers took.

How often have we seen this in recent media coverage—calling Barak Obama - Osama, naming Rep Foley a Democrat when referring to his gross abuses with young pages? These acts of misdirection whether intended or accidental, on top of the media's propensity to repeat views rather than report the news... has gotten people mixed up and angry.

Carter Bashing!

President Carter's recent book Palestine: Peace not Apartheid has enraged many in the Jewish community and resulted in caustic accusations and slander being aimed at the Nobel Prize winning, Former President and noted Peace Activist. How is this possible? What causes this deep-rooted aggression to be served to a man who's life has been dedicated to making peace in that region? He more than anyone, knows the history of that region and in his book he recounts his role in the center of the struggle. Seventeen Jewish funders attempted to discredit him by releasing news to the mainstream media that they abdicated their positions on an advisory board. Though the media spun it as if their departure in some way verified the wild accusations of misstatements, they were strictly a board of donors, people who gave some money in exchange for recognition, who had nothing other than their own self-interests in making public their decisions not to continue supporting Carter. So why the character assassination?

Perhaps Major Scott Ritter, former Chief UN Weapons inspector in Iraq who served in the first Gulf War, knows the reason, and is fearless enough to say it in public. Watch this video as he and Pulitzer Prize winning author, Seymour Hersh discuss the US and its threat of Iran and the influence Israel has in US Foreign Policy. His take is a bit different from that being repeated from Washington and the MSM (mainstream media).

Scott has been relentlessly speaking truth to power since leaving Iraq in 1998. In interviews by FOXNEWS as well as several speaking engagements, he has helped shed light on US actions and intentions in the middle east. His take on Iran is as bold as was his warnings of our interest in Iraq. He alone stood in complete informed defiance of every reason the Bush Administration gave for linking war with Iraq to the events of September 11th. Now he seems to stand alone again, in informed defiance of this administration as it again plays off the fears of a nation of ill-informed viewers. His time, as Scott says, the consequences for our ignorant submission, will be catastrophic.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Too Busy to Watch?

Can you believe a larger percentage of people in several other nations will watch President Bush's State of the Union Address than the citizens in this nation? I find it appalling to think that people have become so disconnected from their duty as citizens in a Democratic society that they choose to not be bothered. Particularly at this time, when we stand at the precipice of war with Iran, a nation vastly more powerful and vital to our national energy interests than Iraq. Many say they prefer not to listen because Bush makes them angry or frustrated. Some say that time is precious, so why bother listening to him. What— Isn't that the point? If he makes us mad, perhaps we will do something to stop him. If time is so precious, than shouldn't we make the most of it? Isn't stopping the leader of the most powerful nation on earth from seriously messing up the next decade of time worth listening to just a bit— don't you think? Perhaps if we'd all have listened more, we could be doing much more personally satisfying things and not be in such dire straits today.

Who is listening? Israel is listening to several neo-conservative hawks like Richard Perle and former CIA director, James Woolsey tell the people of Israel to ready for war with Iran. Today at a summit conference in Herzliya, several presidential hopefuls started their campaign trails far from American Soil but not too far from an influential political lobby- Israel. Candidates Edwards, Guilani, Romney and McCain took the opportunity to give their own State of the Union address and the citizens of Israel appear to be listening with greater interest than here in the USA.

Who's listening... a billion Muslims that this President seems to want to kill off are interested in what Bush will say. Who's listening... the soldiers and families who are on deck or in the battlefields, desperate to hear some good news from a chaotic hell-hole formerly known as Iraq. (recent polls show more than 74% of ground troops in Iraq feel ending occupation is the only strategy) Who's listening... all the right-wing pundits and mouthpieces who need to deliver the message to the mainstream media so tomorrow and in the days to come, everyone who was too busy to listen tonight can hear the corporate view of the President's message.... yeah, there's no reason to watch the President's most important address since September 12, 2001.... isn't American Idol on? LOL in the years to come, when energy costs soar as Iran cuts off our supply of oil. Don't worry, Bush and his GOP thieves can still afford the gas with all the money they got while we were too busy to watch.

War with Iran Imminent

Listen to today's news on Democracy Now!

Seems the Presidential hopefuls have started their campaign trails a bit far from home..... or perhaps not. Several Presidential candidates went to Israel yesterday to speak at a summit meeting where several high Ranking Bush advisors and neoconservative hawks (like Richard Perle) were also rally the people behind an apparently imminent strike against Iran. Yes you heard me, Iran.

Seems while our media coerced attention is being directed to pay attention to the troop escalation - more specifically the debate over "surge" vs "escalation"- Bush and neocon global supremacists have moved in for a check-mate with Iran. With three aircraft carrier groups off the persian coastline not much wider than lake michigan... and with a newly appointed commander of Centcom from the Navy, an airstrike is perhaps more likely than any of us think.

This appears to be as good a time as any to begin to do your duty as a citizen in a Democracy... unlike the rest of the world who can only watch and wonder, we have the responsibility, ney duty, to participate in the political process. I know its painful to watch him speak, but its far less painful than to be on the other end of his policy, dying from US firepower and coersive policy. I'd imagine there are millions of people arond the world who are praying that we listen to his speech and do our duty to reign him in before its too late.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Stranger Than Fiction

In Adam Curtis' BBC documentary, find out how Neocons fear "possible devastating effects" from individual freedom and self-expression, and how their desire to maintain order and stability propel them to to extremes by implementing false policy and national direction based on an ideology joining patriotism and religion rooted in fear, concocted from deliberate fantasy. The real problem begins to snowball as they, and their disciples begin to believe their own myths. To start, we witness the striking similarities and ideological origins of both Neocons and Jihadists (like Bin Laden). Are Neocons and Jihadists alike?

This documentary leaves the viewer wondering if, in the words of Delbert Grady, the steely-eyed british-accented ghost waiter/caretaker of the Overlook Hotel to the completely crazed Jack Torrance (Nicholson) in The Shining,

"I'm sorry to defer with you, sir. But you are the caretaker. You've always been the caretaker. I should know, sir. I've always been here."

In this BBC documentary, the Neocons (students of Leo Strauss, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, and William Kristol) create an imaginary threat with the help of new disciple, Donald Rumsfeld. Later attracting dozens of GOP luminaries to form PNAC Project for a New American Century, which then influenced the entire party and its constituents.

In the late 70's, the Neocons seized their opportunity to lay the grass roots that would one day lead to 911 and beyond. The Neocons allied themselves with Donald Rumsfeld and began a fear-mongering campaign that would convince President Ford to authorize an inquiry on the intentions and technological capabilities of the Soviet Union. Thought the idea sounded noble enough, the inquiry dubbed "Plan B" was authorized by Ford under the full-biased control of none other than the Neoconservatives (AKA the "Team-B").

The Neocons had one huge obstacle however, the CIA as well as other international agencies had already proven that the Soviet Union was headed for a collapse and had no intention of attacking America. Regardless of the fact, the Neocons began their assessment. "But however closely they looked" at the CIA's findings, "there was little evidence of the dangerous weapons or defense systems they claimed the Soviets were developing" at the time.

Since Neocons were on a quest to create a simplistic view of the world as "good and evil" and nothing in between, the truth was not about to get in their way. Team-B simply made an assumption: "The Soviets had developed systems that were so sophisticated, they were undetectable." Sadly, with the help of Rumsfeld's hypnotic, all-out chanting and ranting of fear and impeding doom (as shown in the video), the quivering politicians and the government 'ate it up' -- and thus began the era of the Neoconservatives.

The story will continues in the next installments to show how the Neocons help finance, arm, and train the "freedom fighters" in Afghanistan, which would later become known as "terrorists."

This gives foundation to the question — Well, How did we get here?

additional resources:
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Monday, January 15, 2007

Carter's Bomb

President Carter has been faced an overwhelming amount of media and social attacks since releaseing his book "Palestine Peace not Aparthied". Even the wording of the "newscasts" take aim to assassinate the character of a nobel-prize winning peace President who's entire life has been dedicated to serving the good of mankind.

So why is it that we do not hear anyone taking the media to task for yet another round of 'assassinate the good guy'? Just like many before him, anyone dropping the "Israel-Bomb" can expect a fierce and relentless attack on their character, credibility and history. Why do you suppose that is?

I've done some research and I have to say - with all respect - that opinions, rooted in bias, born of indoctrination, do not constitute fact and should not be permitted to form consensus. I'm not here to challenge anyone's faith, but I think a good examination of the melding of emotions and doctrine over reason is in order.

Are we reluctantly taking our position because our greater faith community is steering us there? Is it that we are too close to the teachings and not the facts? I don't know, nor am I in a position to make general assertions.

But I pulled together a very good explanation/response by editing a recent story from CNN and adding pieces of a great debate on the Iranian threat by two prominent Jewish scholars- albeit they are polarized within the Jewish community.... like most everything in political debate. (theres a saying you can put three Jews in a room to talk politics and you'll get seven opinions)

Pulitzer Prize winning author Seymour Hersh and retired US chief weapons inspector in Iraq 91-98, Marine Major, Scott Ritter had an exchange that I felt really clarified the facts and indirectly nailed the Carter firestorm. You tell me.

Near as I could tell, the 20 advisers that resigned were of a group of 200, and were all Jewish. As is detailed in my video above, the very mention of anything remotely linkable to something anti-Semitic, like the word apartheid, causes a Pavlovian response to seek distance from the controversy. The twenty responded on cue and the greater community has as well — bringing many of us reluctantly along.

And it is that reluctance that I propose, is our disconnect to the conditioned response, that shows us a path to greater understanding and a true sense of global community.

I agree, as did Carter that the statement the suicide bombing would continue til the occupation and aggression ends, was inappropriate and should be removed. I could find no other articles that falsely claimed fact to here say.

This is Jimmy Carter's book with his reflections based on being in the first-person spotlight in a world geo-political policymaking role. If anyone has a right to write His-Story, Carter certainly does. And it doesn't need to reflect the generally accepted History... that too many of us blindly subscribe to.

Have you read Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States" because it clearly demonstrates the fulfillment of the ancient African proverb:

"Until Lions have their own Historians, the story of the Hunt will forever favor Man."

Perhaps Carter, Hersh, Ritter and Zinn are trying to share a bit of the Lion's story.

Future of the Internet?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Nixon Playbook with a Cheney twist!

Outgoing NSA Director, the infamous John Negriponti, who's prior information helped us to decimate Haiti, illegally arm Contras in Nicaragua and was the primary information source leading to the Iraq invasion, had this to say before leaving to become Condoleesa Rice's Karl Rove - er deputy. In his final annual threat assessment to the new 110th Congress he warned that al-Qaeda poses "the gravest threat to the United States and is rebuilding its strength from secure hideouts in Pakistan." Negriponte also said that Iraq was at a violent and "precarious juncture," he stressed concern over an increasingly confident Hizbollah and outlined a series of other threats to the United States, including from Somalia, Iran and Syria.

Not unlike Henry Kissinger's communist threat diatribe as America wanted out of Vietnam. We all know now that Nixon's response was to secretly bomb the crap out of Cambodia and Laos as he pulled our troops from Vietnam. Lie to Congress, pull the troops and secretly take it to the air.

And with two new Navy commanders at the helm-- Adm. Fallon, tapped to replace Army Gen Abizaid as head of CENTCOM, previously headed PACOM covering pacific theater with his specialty being carrier group air-strike coordination and new director of the NSA, retired Navy Vice Admiral Mike McConnell-- is it any wonder we have air-strikes in Somalia? Bush has retired most of the ground troop generals and replaced them with "flyboys". Nixon 101.

But Cheney is taking it to the next level, the corporate president, pResident Bush, named McConnell to replace Negriponte as the new chief of intelligence. McConnell said he would work to increase the coordination between the nation's 16 different spy agencies. Privatize intelligence, lie to Congress and prevent anyone from learning the truth.

McConnell, the man tapped to replace John Negriponte, has been a leading figure in outsourcing U.S. intelligence operations to private industry. A former director at the National Security Agency, he was the current director of defense programs at Booz Allen-- one of the nation's biggest defense and intelligence contractors. Under his watch, Booz Allen has been deeply involved in some of the most controversial counter-terrorism programs run by the Bush administration, including the infamous Total Information Awareness data-mining scheme.

McConnell plans to "continue the strong emphasis on integration of the community to better serve all of our customers. That will mean better sharing of information, increased focus on customer needs and service, improved security processes, and deeper penetration of our targets..." Does this sound like the words of a person hoping to help the "citizens" of a nation best use information to prepare for problems? Or the words of a salesman shlepping data access wiz-bang for megabucks? Booz Allen has made billions in recent contracts.

FYI- Information, once privatized, has yet to be ruled on as being intellectual property of the private sector and therefore off-limits to FOIA-freedom of information requests. It will be contested all the way to the Supreme Court. Thankfully with Bush's newly appointed justices Alito and Roberts we will no doubt get a "fair and balanced verdict- can you say check-mate?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Decisive Ideological Struggle of Our Time!

Last night the pResident painted an interesting picture of a world that he and the writer of his speech, and his most trusted advisors hope the American Public will buy. Bush figures we haven't succeeded for two reasons, 1) The Iraqis haven't trained enough troops- perhaps cuz they keep getting blown up in the recruiting lines or executed and having their bodies dumped in the streets with hands bound and electric drill holes through their skulls. 2) Cuz our troops have had too many restrictions put upon them in the past- pesky old Geneva Convention, didn't we eliminate that with the Military Commissions Act of 2006?

Bush says Iraq needs a "Green Light" to solve its problems. The reason we've been unsuccessful there the past four years, we've had to be courteous and respectful to the citizens of Iraq. So Bush called for a troop surge of 21,000 and a lifting of any remaining civil rights the citizens of Iraq might have left. Yes, our Army along with who ever's left fighting for Iraq, will go kicking doors into every home in Bagdad.... door to door busting into homes and shooting anyone hostile... Never mind that the soldiers can't understand the language and civilians might panic when frightening green soldiers all jacked up with adrenaline, eyes a blazed in green night vision goggles, come busting down their doors screaming commands they don't understand in the middle of the night... Never mind that Bush's initial strategy in the first days of the "liberation" was to fire the entire Iraq police and militia with no pay, and let them keep their weapons! ... Now after the whole nation has descended into total civil war and chaos with more than 650,000 innocent iraqis brutally murdered in the name of freedom and democracy, Bush figures alls he needs to do is "smoke em out".

Well the pResident has certainly taken a fresh perspective on his policy. He replaced all the Generals-again. Commanding General John Abizaid now joins the huge number of demoted leaders who completely disagree with the pResident's vision... what do they know, they are just highly trained military strategists that were our eyes and ears in the front lines of the battle... Bush and his band of merry ChickenHawks who've never seen a round fired in anger know better than these brass monkeys-right?? So his new leadership recruits are all gung-ho about taking it to the streets and again he's listening to them...

He's also decided to take an active role in attacking Iran and Syria... yes the excellent way the liberation is working in Iraq has incentivised him to take on the entire muslim world. He plans to "seek out and destroy the networks providing training and weaponry" and "bolster our interests in the region using our allies to help eliminate the threat of Iran's nuclear weapons" - translation: Israel will launch a first strike and we'll respond by bombing Iran's military and communications, while protecting the flow of oil.

Bush says "we'll engage our full diplomatic resources to rally allies within the region to bring about change" translation: Utilize the newly created propaganda wing of the pentagon to spread lies and misleading news information, spend millions with right-wing think tank the Lincoln Group to fabricate stories at home, and send in covert operatives to destabilize Iranian President Ahmadinejad.

He has his work cut out for him though, it seems the rest of the free world has real media outlets that still practice the old art of Journalism... you know- the kind that reports the facts, speaks truth to power. Last night our media rendered his visionary painting of Iraq's faded watercolor-- a loose impressionist rendering of a dream needing our troops to help their nation's leaders (our puppets) take a role in their own future. They effectively hid the truth held by a very few industrialists and elites, neo-conservative extremists seeking to gain global domination.

Glaringly absent from the airwaves last night, were any responses from the opposition. I can't recall a time when a standing head of State was able to speak freely on such an important topic and not have any debate or opinion from the opposition... must be new rules for Democracy. Still, Bush was very rigid as his beady eyes nervously read the teleprompter. A few cable networks FOX and MSNBC did air some commetary but the major mainstream networks went back to scheduled programming.

And how ironic was their regularly scheduled programming... CSI:NY tracked down a brutal femme stiletto heel shoe killer; Criminal Minds caged a serial rapist; Medium conjured a mystery killer, and worst of all, number one with a bullet...

Armed and Famous the new lowest common denominator for television... Celebrities become Cops and go after bad guys.... starring Janet Jackson, Jack Osborne (ozzy's boy), a WWF wrestler babe, the Jackass midget, and Erik Estrada from Chips (I'm not making this up!) - So right after listening to pResident Bush tell us of how the insurgents are going to "make sure our televisions are filled with images of death and suffering" viewers are returned to the regularly scheduled images... of death and suffering!

Bush amazingly heralded "the decisive ideological struggle of our time: on one side are those who believe in freedom and moderation, on the other side are the extremists who kill the innocent and who have declared their intention to destroy our way of life." I'm just thinking in truth, he got the roles mixed up.

650,000 dead civilians, complete chaos and civil war, no security in any region of that country... and all because we are there. No one can solve their own problems as our soldiers go shooting everyone in sight. Its insane and we have to stand up against this insanity! What are you going to do?

Get out and make a scene on Water and Wisconsin at 5pm tomorrow. Join others across the nation as DemocracyForAmerica, TrueMajority, MoveOn, and PeaceAction come together for a protest.
Write the press, Contact your elected officials... make a difference!

Friday, January 05, 2007

110th Congress- breath of fresh aire or business as usual?

Welcome 110th Congress... the people have clearly spoken for change. But a listen to the pResident and his lame duck congress left-behinds and you'd think they never heard the news.

pResident Bush again asks for bipartisan courtesy and looks forward to working in a bipartisan way with Congress saying "its time we set aside politics and focus on the future." —hello? Does anyone still believe his doublespeak? He made these same gestures in each of his State of the Union and Inaugural addresses... then promptly instructed his 109th Congress to slam the door in the Democrats faces.

The 109th Congress, arguably the most corrupt Congress in US history excluded the minority voice with an undaunted arrogance not seen since sedition times. No votes, no hearings, no rights to bring bills to the floor, not even an ability to debate so many of the questionable powers being granted to the Bush Administration about war, policy, torture, spying and US sponsored worldwide terrorism.

The109th Congress rolled out bill after bill stuffed with thousands of earmarks granting every member in Congress who promised support of the Bush Agenda, millions of federal dollars to buy votes and influence in their home States. K street lobbies and think tanks ran the legislative branch. Sen. Bill Frist even went so far as to threaten abolishing the right of the filibuster to get his judges nominated (isn't that activist judging). Republican congressmen screamed for up or down votes and silence from the minority.

Before our eyes, Congress was transformed into a legislative street fight. The new generation of aides and Congressmen not only hold each other in contempt but now don't reach out to the other side in formality. Its like watching a WWF grudge match only Hulk Hogan is responsible for our nations well-being, not just an evenings entertainment for some testosterone teens and wannabe teens. pResident Bush, the self-proclaimed Great Uniter has in just six years created the greatest political divide since the civil war.

So today, as the 110th Congress officially takes control, they have a plan. For the first 100 hours they are reprimanding the former majority party and preventing them from throwing a tantrum in Congress, while they right some of the most flagrant wrongs done by the 109th leadership. While many of Americans are concerned the war on terror is not on the agenda, some very important social and civic issues are. And it was the most responsible way to start this session. Though GOP left-behinds cry foul and accuse the Democrats of not playing fair, and the media cameras seem to give them much play, there needs to be some punitive action done to let the will of the people be heard by the GOP leadership who hijacked our constitution to line their pockets and bankrupt our nation. It serves us proud as a nation to have a governing system that can enforce checks and balances in accordance to the will of the people. Right now that will says no more corruption, no more creative interpretation of law.

Now the real proof of change will come after the 100 hours when the Democrats say they will demonstrate a fair bipartisan exchange of ideas in Congress. Speaker Pelosi has taken the position not to pursue Impeachment proceedings nor to stand for immediate removal of funding for the war. Both positions do not sit well with many who voted her into office. Not unlike pResident Bush and his troubles with Christians who didn't feel he valued their contribution to his election. They marched on Washington to demand access and now Cindy Sheehan and the anti war activists are speaking out against the new Pelosi priorities.

This is a momentous time in US History, the last time the people spoke loudly against policy and war, the leadership went covert, bombing of Cambodia, misleading the public on war statistics and abuse of intelligence by targeting US citizens opposing war like John Lennon, then Watergate. With the recent death of President Gerald Ford, we again learn of how his pardon of Nixon halted further investigation into the depth of corruption within the GOP leadership, a group oddly consisting of Kissinger, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush41 and many others still in power today. They were willing and capable then, what's to stop them now? They averted investigation then, will they evade justice again?

Even today as a FOIA (freedom of information act) release of thousands of pages secret FBI documents shows, we learn of Nixon and Reagan's illegal use of the Federal Agents to undermine and coerce opposition to Supreme Court Justice Renquist's nomination. Interesting that it was John (I hate the UN but run it) Bolton who then was asst Atty General, who personally signed off on direct memos advising that use of Federal Agents in this way was not legal. Wiretaps, shakedowns, character assassinations, illegal detentions... exactly what the 109th Congress made legal through the Military Commissions Act of 2006 (S3930).

This appears to be the policy of GOP corruption and the abuse of power, and when not in control, subversive use of the military and intelligence wings. Though it now appears clear that a small cabal of Neo-Conservative thinkers are directly responsible for much of the last thirty years of perversion. Since assention into power in the Nixon house, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Bolton, Libby Bush41 and a few others, have transformed our nation into an imperial oligarchy bent on world conquest. This has to be reigned in. Will the 110th Congress recognize these threats and take action or will the NeoCons silently continue conquest the middle east and beyond, or worse, create a horrific event by using their completely revamped access to information and intelligence to subvert Democracy at home?

NSA czar Jon Negriponte, the angel of death (ambassador) for Nicaragua, Haiti and Iraq has reluctantly abdicated his throne as master of all intelligence in the world's largest covert agency, to become assistance Sec of State. To one not watching, this seems benign, but what can a ruthless deviant with access to all intelligence do as the person behind Condoleeza Rice wielding our nation's international policy stick? Especially with Paul Wolfowitz controlling the purse strings World-Bank and Bolton fresh from bulldozing the UN? One shudders to think.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Beatles, six years of change

January 3
Today is an important day... The Beatles first television appearance in England Jan 3,1963... and the Beatles last recording, I Me My, today 1969. Today, Gerald Ford was laid to rest in Grand Rapids, Michigan... a few blocks from my brothers new home. The small community of Grand Rapids was inundated by citizens honoring this man. The eulogies given by Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger praised him for "healing " a nation in the wake of political and military scandal... Ironic that it was these men and BushSr who stood in the shadows of Nixon and were spared criminal penalty by the Pardon only to descend deeper into their abuse of power though their roles in the transitional government of Gerald Ford and then by manipulation and collusion with Iran to hoist Ron Reagan into office by holding the hostages til Reagans Inauguration. Beyond Reagan, BushSr and now his son continue to front these men and their crimes. Today they have single-handedly turned this nation into an imperial dynasty. It was President Ford who gave them the keys to undermine this nation and it is fitting that they exalt him for his service.

But its an odd day for another realization... from Jan 3, 1963 til Jan 3, 1969... four lads from Liverpool created a global movement greater than anything Nixon, Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld could imagine. In the short span of six years, the world moved closer to peace, closer to love and closer to a global sense of self-actualization... than ever before. These four lads struck a fear in the likes of Nixon, Cheney, Bush and Kissinger... they represented a stark change from a society of materialism and wealth/power—by preaching Flower Power.

And for that Nixon, with help from Rummy, Cheney, Bush and Kissinger, had them followed, harassed, wiretapped and besmirched. It was only a week ago that the final records of John Lennon's FBI/CIA files were made public. In the end though the government strongly stated the contents of these files represented a serious threat to national security, there was nothing more than testament that powerful people feared the loss of their power by the influence of a man who preached Love.

In a space of time little more than that from September 11th to now, the human experiment went from McCarthyism and denial, to peace love and civil rights... then back under the diabolic manipulation of the Nixon administration. In less time than it took for BushJr to pit the might and money of our nation into a bankrupting death-march of global conquest in the name of liberty and democracy.... Our planet's attempt to inspire love, peace and came and went.

Ironic that Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kissinger, the same shadowy ministers of fear who've worked in silence behind Ford, Nixon, Bush, Reagan and now JrBush... are still threatened by the system they hijacked to power... the system they mock with every breath they take for in the true light of history and time, there's was the guilt for the man called Tricky Dick. A president who's staff was far more crooked than just the one incident at the Watergate hotel.

Today, marked by a full moon—the wolf moon—Algonquin for the hungry wolves that howl at the night time sun... Under this full moon, in the presence of God and all the good citizens who came to pay homage to a good man, these bastards presided over his proceedings just as they did, Coretta Scott King, and Rosa Parks. Only a day after brutally executing the leader of a sovereign nation in a manner not seen since the wild west days in our nation. The same day that China reversed its Death Penalty law, the puppet government of Iraq killed their leader in a fevered dash to string him up before daylight but after the night of Sunni Holiday...

An African proverb has never resounded more clear...Tales of the hunt will forever favor Man, til the Lion has his own historian... and like it, History will forever favor the victor no matter the tyranny, til the common voice rises above complacency to tell the truth of history.... and banishes His Story.

Perhaps if we are lucky, Saddam's death will not be in vain. For it sets precedence that speedy biased trials and swift cruel executions of all leaders who abuse their citizens are now accepted in the United States. Perhaps we can prepare the gallows on the Capitol concourse for it is certain that these same men have done far worse crimes on humanity both here and throughout the world than Saddam could ever have hoped to accomplish... even with the help of these same "leaders"!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

my new years eCard with alittle help from the folks at Massive Change in Chicago... what an inspirational show. Even more exciting, go to and join the evolution.