Thursday, April 17, 2008

Condi Must Go!

Rove Must Go, Rummy Must GO, Ashcroft Must Go,
Libby Must Go, Tenet Must Go, Abermoff Must Go,
DeLay Must Go, Gonzalez must Go, how many must go?

before the quietly content consevatives begin to add it up?

This administration is going... piece by piece...

when are people going to accept the reality that the leadership

This is the perfect example of what you get when you look the other way instead of confronting the truth... now these leaders have become so familiar with their lies and propaganda that they forgot the web they weaved to get to this point... and make careless mistakes....

But no slip of the tongue can compare with the slip of judgment the conservative right are content to accept in order to continue their comfortable lifestyles - at any cost. Well the cost is our freedom, our nation and ... yes... our lifestyles.

This administration has been AGAIN caught in lies. Caught in acts of treason that are punishable- not by simply firing a few close allies- but by jailing and perhaps executing the leadership... if capital punishment is good for minorities and small time offenders... then isn't it good for politicians, businessmen, military leaders and the media leadership guilty of treason?

Yes Condi Will Go... but only if you take action... because the mainstream corporate media is not covering this issue... they are on Pope-a-Dope watch... and this story is being silenced but for a few mentions to keep the illusion of balance.

As long as this administration- CHENEY and Bush, remain in power... amnesty, immunity, and pardons are given away like treats at the dentists office. We can expect no justice or ethics to come til someone hangs like Saddham from a rope.

So much for conservation or belief in ethical moral conduct...

Conservative (as it is presented today)- MUST GO!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Brass Is Back

The Brass Monkey and Lyin Ryan Crock-r shit took to the hill
to spin more yarn about our empire-building in Iraq.

Remember that old Thin Lizzy tune???

Guess who went in front of Congress today?
Those two-faced boys that had been away
Haven't changed much of what they say
like man, those cats are crazy

They were being asked to expound
How Iraq was, whether WMDs could be found
They told us it were safe, living downtown
dodgin all those mortars in the green zone town

The brass are back in town, the brass are back in town

You know that schtick about success
Spewing lies for the corporate press
Man when I tell you they was cool, they was red hot
I mean tellin lies as truth-they was a spinnin'

That day on Capitol Hill, on cspan as the pundits began to grill
Well this congress chick got up and she yelled in Patraeus' face
Man the media all went to commercial break
If the media don't want us to know, we'll forget her

Tuesday morn they'll be dressed to kill
duded up with their suits, shiny stars and frill
The lies will flow about the blood they spill
Cuz these boys want to fight, and congress' gonna let em

The brass are back in town, the brass are back in town

They'll tell us the surge, it worked great-
ignore the mortar fire blowin up all over the place
Increase our troop strength, it won't be long
It won't be long till they'll do the same in Iran
Now that the Brass is here again

The brass are back in town.
their lies, the media expounds

Will justice ever be found?

the brass is back

..... the brass is back