Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bushmen of the Intifada

Lets get one thing clear, Anyone who thinks there is any incompetency going on in the Bush Administration had better check their subscription to NYT at the door and get to a re-education program pronto. The APPEARANCE of incompetence is as deliberate as George W's accent and his propensity to do stupid things that get spotlighted in the press. You need only to step back and let the facts assemble to see the big picture—That GW may be making the joker of himself, but this jokers got the laughs on the US citizens....all the way to the bank!

Oil has gone from $27 a barrel to $60 on his watch. His family, bonesmen, their business cabal, and their closest friends in Saudi Arabia are doing cartwheels!!! Now of course the Bushmen never had oil on their minds, they were after Binladen, AlQaeda, Saddam, WMDs, Liberation. er to resist civil war, no actually to fight Iran. But a funny thing happened on the way to whatever reason they gave... the third largest oil reserves were put out of commission and by destabilizing the oil in the region, prices have surpassed even the gas crisis of the seventies! What a coincidence? The Bushmen decided Iran needed to be next- gee, the second largest oil reserves? (who is the largest?- you guessed it the Bush Family friend Prince Bandar's Saudi Arabia)

This week a confidential final draft of the new law governing oil management by Iraq was translated and leaked by Global Exchange's Iraqi Project Director, Raed Jarrar... Surprise, Big Oil has written themselves into a crucial governing board called the Federal Oil and Gas Council- that approves any and all contracts for Iraqi OIl! They guaranteed contracts had a minimum 35yr contract life and left the regions defined by ethnic divides (and coincidentally the same as the Baker Hamilton Report) to bid against each other for the Oil Company contracts.... that THEN are approved by the SAME oil companies! The BBC reported the draft was made law, and made no mention of the Oil Company Controls... gee.

No, the Bushmen are unbelievably sharp and confident - and moving in on their long-sought prize... a global economy controlled by the corporations they and their "Americans" own and influence. Yes nothing short of World Domination... And what is our role in this quest? Well we are the ones paying for it in blood, money, rights, and the most important thing we own— our vote.

The question no one seems to want to ask? Why the World Trade Centers? Why the symbolic attacks? For the answer would not point to our attacking Afghanistan the nation, or Iraq... In fact it would possibly make us reconsider the whole "attacking" notion. Why did they attack the Towers? The symbols of World Trade. The Pentagon and symbol of Military Aggression, and the white house seat of tyranny.... gee perhaps it was the betrayal and abuse by our secret CIA sponsorship of the Muhajadeen during the war with the Soviet Union and then our abandonment to chaos and terror once the battle was won? Could it have been aggrivated by our decades of terror, resource extraction, aggression, sanction and the systematic looting of other nations resources, lives and wealth?.... think maybe that could get some people mad enough to fly planes into towers?

But the crazy thing is Bushmen been plotting for this moment a long time.... they are bankrupting this nation while numbing down our citizens, til they can neuter our vote and have control of our opinion and consent.

They've let nothing stop them from achieving their goals- signaling not only competency, but a real threat to global stability. The Bushmen formed an alliance with Church and State, used all the Hot-Button Issues to polarize the public, looted every coffer of public trust-except SS and Medicaid (they are still trying). They've pimped to any corporate desire for funding and support, built the most amazing propaganda network with FOX and CNN leading the way and neutered the CPB by appointing corporate shills to drain it of objectivity and resources. They couldn't kill it though they've tried numerous times. They've allowed unbridled corruption to also infiltrate many governmental agencies FDA, FCC, & EPA giving shelter to corporations through the evisceration of regulation and accountability. They bought the 109th Congress in exchange for a do-nothing policy and no oversight, and have placed radical judges in lifetime positions all the way to the Supreme Court. They've given billions in tax breaks to the wealthy helping them finally regain their giant income gap, establishing a two-class system of imperial proportions. Even gotten the citizens to allow them to create a private army and intelligence agency with access to the most powerful arsenal on earth.

Using the money formerly earmarked for our children, we are paying private contractors to develop unilateral weapons of mass destruction for fighting urban warfare on a scale that could just as easily be on US soil as the middle east. Now with the in-field training of attacking a first-world economic development like Tehran, what's to stop the private contractors from engaging in NYC or Chicago? Not our access to civilian defense equipment, the "incompetent" Bushmen had all the strong military hardware consolidated to four bases in the US and the rest moved to outposts in sovereign nations round the world during Rumsfeld's BRAC realignment policy that was forced over strong objections from our Military leadership. In the event of an internal action on civilians, we would be no better equipped than the Iraqi militia whom Paul Bremmer dismissed without pay and sent home with their weapons! (gee was that an accident or did he create the first real-time live ammo action adventure game, internally arming for military training on urban conflict)

Newly enriched with billions, his followers give their undying allegiance to the Bushmen for their payback has been huge dividends. The NYSE soars but not for our petty 401ks, no its their wealth that outpaces our paltry fortunes. But what they give up in ignorant greed, will come to haunt them. The contracts worth billions provide artificial fuel to a hollow economy. We build Oshkosh Trucks, malls and buildings roads and coal plants... all providing wages and jobs and pacifying the working class. They love the ROI too... vote Red regardless of the truth. Meanwhile our education system falters, tuition skyrockets while loans and grants vanish or become smaller, but steeped in paperwork. Look to our factories, more and more are cutting hours, wages benefits... jobs are going overseas and down south where they can pay nothing because workers have no vote.

Poor immigrant families increasingly cross the borders in search of something better than the tainted lives our Corporations have made for them at home. But now our confused and misinformed citizens attack them and pay billions to Bushmen Corporations to build walls- using Mexican labor to do it!

We are so duped by fear and resentment we cling to our televisions for a steady diet of light news-katie couric style. We even argue for keeping the bad news away "nobody want to hear bad news" particularly if it points to our complacency as the problem.

Bush is the first President in history to have Imperial powers and the ability to control the US military at will. You thought Nixon's secret bombings of Cambodia and Laos were bad??? The Bushmen have gutted more rights and accountability in more offices, agencies and public trusts than anyone since Jackson and even he'd (jackson) have issues defending that honor...

Since the Bushmen took office (literally) in 2000, they have had their eyes trained on an agenda like a pack of wolves on a pony in a herd.

Connect the dots... Cheney put G up to the job-why? cuz GW's always been the cheerleader... he can play the fool better than anyone. Meanwhile Dick is pulling the strings, and the folks that own him pull his strings... lets explore.

Why did they win the 2000 election at any cost? Supreme Court Seats. Why did they win the 04 election at any costs? Supreme Court Seats... and... cuz they rigged the system to maintain control infinitely... they thought... Why else were no closely contested Dem victories recounted? Perhaps they worried that wide-spread voter fraud might be uncovered. Voter turnout was far higher than anyone had expected... even Rove. Best to shut up and take the agenda covert- like with Nixon.

Cheney has been working the scene since Nixon days... In fact if Ford hadn't have been so "forward" thinking about preventing disunity in the US by pardoning Nixon and halting the investigations into corruption at that time you think it would have stopped with the plumbers at Watergate???

Heck no, there was big-time war profiteering and scores to settle in the intelligence community shoring up the Cointelpro work on US "insurgents". In fact Bush41, Cheney, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld were all brought up from the bullpens at that time. They became Ford's trusted advisers and forged their unholy allegiances with K street and the money-lenders at that time.

Cheney, Rummy and Wolfowitz went right to work manufacturing policy to bring about the "new world order" that Bush41 and Reagan spoke of frequently in the 80s. Remember the bright city on the hill???

Lets fast forward as I know you don't have time to review history here... Who hasn't by this time figured the Neo-Con strategy for control has its roots in Nazi counterintelligence and propaganda techniques? Doublespeak and intentional ownership of vocabulary terms that once meant the opposite- has been their silver bullet for eight years and seems to have a full head of steam even today! The same rhetoric that got us pimped into Afghanistan and Iraq is being used AS EFFECTIVELY on Iran!

Help me... are these the actions of a stupid person? Are these the statistics of people who seem unfocused and irresponsible? Hell no! This is the calculating perfection of a wolf pack stalking a pony. Listen to their words.... the certainty with which they speak.. for they give clues to workings behind the scenes... While America watches goofy characters play Poker on TV, their leaders are chumpin them for all they have and givin tells left and right!!!

But who's watchin?.... isn't there a special on Anna Nicole?.. or what about 24 ? isn't tonight when Jack tortures a suspect to get info from him?

Nascar's on... racing Army and National Guard cars... our taxpayer dollars hard at work changing young man's minds about joining - far better than the $16BILLION in $100 dollar bills we "lost" in Iraq. Eight Semis filled top to bottom with hundred dollar bills.... missing? And we wonder why we have no funding for healthcare or social security or why we are privatizing everything in our government???

Regardless of your position on 9/11 and the physical impossibilities of buildings falling, stacked on-top the unbelievable and numerous coincidences, there is no doubt the reaction plan was in place in the White House for it happened in hours... not so for New Orleans.... in Washington the response to 9/11 was so fast, the patriot act's 974 pages were still hot off the press... literally... as Congress was pressured to sign the bill.

That agenda is now only moments away from a terrible assault on another innocent civilization in Iran. The evidence is mounting and the pattern repeating. While our weak and fearful nation clings to "good news" and must-see tv, our leaders launch us into oblivion for their own greed and thirst for power. We will pay the price, but not nearly as much as our children and grandchildren will... they will just look back to this time in anger and point to us with shame and disgust for leveraging their world for personal pleasure and false security. Or maybe not.... what are willing to do? How far are you willing to explore and expose to prevent this from happening?

Now is the time and we are the ones. If not now—when? If not us—who?

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I wouldn't dignify Bushco with a comparison to wolves.