Thursday, February 15, 2007

Peoples History-CliffNotes

Long before we conquered this land we call the United States of America, and drew lines on a map to say what was ours, the indigenous peoples of central and south America migrated with the seasons as the birds, animals and insects do, to where the land was rich and bountiful, moving back down as the temperatures did. Now rather than staying on our side of the line as I'm guessing you would have it, some of our mercantile forefathers decided long ago (about 150yrs) that they were losing their ability to abuse the labor force here in the US because workers began to unionize and they had this pesky weapon-the vote. With that and their organized strength in numbers, these captains of industry could no longer demand men, women and children work in dangerous factories for 80hrs+ per week for little pay that sometimes they just withheld at will. Because these people could elect representatives who actually cared to defend that silly thing called a Constitution.

So rather than continue employing the Pinkerton Security Forces (predecessor of Blackwater and Bechtel) to savagely beat down the resistance (Haymarket Riot ), they discovered that on the other side of that line on the map, the people had no vote! So if these industrialists just gave into the union demands— 40 hr workweek, child labor laws, minimum wage etc— they could befriend this new middle class, get their vote, and still keep a class distance both socially and economically from this riffraff by exploiting the peoples and resources of lesser nations to the south who had no means to defend themselves from corporate colonialism .

Fast forward a bit as I'm not trying bore to you, as the profits grew, corporate interests and their thirst for resource extraction grew too, (like a turbocharger). Meanwhile the plight of the indigenous peoples grew darker. The Corporate Industrialists began gaining power and influence in our Government and found they could externalize many non-profitable facets of their operations in the south by having our Government do the work for them... Gee that made stockholders happy and the middle class never made the connection. So began our military and economic oppression of these poor indigenous peoples who tried to organize and demand human rights—as we did in 150yrs ago, but they didn't have a vote .

So the Corporations savagely brutalized them and recklessly exploited their lands and resources (after all, they have no pesky EPA or laws our Corporations couldn't fix). These Corporate Colonialists continued to squish anyone who began to organize and found it useful to supplant the governments of the peoples, with puppets of their own choosing. So with the might of our military and the use of all branches of intelligence, economic and financing, they toppled and imposed brutal regimes at death squads at the "School of the Americas" and gee it worked so well, these Corporate Colonialists took the concept on a road-show to every continent on Earth... By advancing loans (debt) for "infrastructure improvements" like highways and electricity, public health and education, agencies like the IMF and World Bank , Corporate Colonialists were able to privatize the lesser nation's Commons ...but I digress, meanwhile the peoples of these oppressed nations, driven from their lands, stripped of their dignity and forced into poverty, began taking to the migratory traditions of their forefathers in increasing numbers. Noticable increases of labor crossing our line on a map and doing the jobs our snobby, spoiled kids won't do, was okay at first, til these Corporate Colonialists began exercising their Imperialist intentions through globalization of their Brands . That means they break the middle class by shipping our jobs overseas.

See the Imperialists just had to find a way to make our votes become useless, then they could treat us like they did before the unions. So now with our jobs leaving and our wages and buying power shrinking, we look to those increasing numbers of people doing what they've done forever, and we begin to hate them. Hate them for our own blindness to what we are losing. And now the Corporate Imperialists are within our Government, step up to build a great wall of isolation to keep the migrants out... they hire their own corporations (who farm the labor out to migrants like New Orleans) to build and defend these walls (for a healthy profit) and they continue to manufacture consent through their Corporate-Owned Media outlets.

As news stations continue to tell us they are fair and balanced, the programming swings more and more towards graphic violence and materialism. Desensitizing the middle class and fooling them into a false patriotism to continue to sap them of their children, wealth, and bounty to battle the wars that benefit Corporate Imperialists. Now with new Corporate appointments to lock up the Supreme Court and judicial branch, and ownership of the executive branch, (they stumbled in November on the legislative branch but it is within reach) they are on the precipice of doing to us what they've done to our neighbors to the south and in the middle east and sub-saharan africa and everywhere else including us 150yrs ago.

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