Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Vets Killing Spree -another secret

The New York Times has revealed at least 121 veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been charged with committing murder after they returned home from duty. The Times said the numbers indicated a nearly 90 percent increase in homicides involving active-duty military personnel and new veterans since the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan.

The Times said about one in three of the victims were spouses, girlfriends, children or other relatives and while many of the killer veterans showed signs of combat trauma, most were never evaluated for or diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder until after the homicides.

Couple this with the alarming truth of an unprecedented suicide rate among soldiers both in the field and upon returning home. 6125 soldiers took their own lives in 2005. Thats 120 suicides per week!

Now put this in perspective with the stories you heard a year ago of this administration cutting funding for our medical hospitals, privatizing veterans benefits programs and denying coverage for PTSD thereby insuring most returning vets never receive the care they were promised by recruiters and it becomes clear that this administration has never cared for its soldiers or its citizens. Citizens produce children to be consumed as cannon-fodder for the elite multinational corporation's quest for world domination.

In fact if you look at the staggering migration of multi-national corporation's assets and workforces outside the US, it might become clear that Corporate Citizens are the only ones this administration has been serving and when the dust settles, they will be the only "citizens" left standing.

Our economy is descending into a recession the likes of which it may never recover... The Bush Administration has spent $1.6 Trillion dollars on the war thus far and is likely to double that before the next president leaves office. Thats more than $40,000 owed by each family in the US.

Meanwhile our currency, which is based on debt and our ability to pay it.... is in serious jeopardy. The credit industry is writing off billions of dollars in bad debt and selling off huge sums to foreign interests. Mortgage failures coupled with sharply rising energy costs and subsequent rising prices for all our goods and services have us teetering on the brink of total economic collapse. And if the world economy decides to switch to the Euro as its world currency because the Dollar is so devalued, we will become the next third world nation... in the giving up our last rights and liberties for assurances of protection and safety...

... like the ones they've given to our young men and women as they recruit them into service.... get the picture? Uncover the secrets... Connect the Dots.

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