Thursday, January 17, 2008

Global Warming Debate-Solved!

The Bush administration and its multinational corporate friends, motivated by ideology and profit, have repeatedly been sited for censoring reports highlighting global warming and softening scientific findings to lessen the threat of global climate destabilization. This week several scientists have come to Capitol Hill to protest the Bush administration’s alleged interference in science linked to the environment.

Meanwhile a high school science teacher has created a video on YouTube that completely clarifies the debate about Global Warming and explain what our real questions must be... with more than 3 million views, his video has created quite a stir on the viral video medium.

Many harsh criticisms were leveled against him and rather than running away or lashing back, he struggled for several months researching and refining his thesis until he created a sound and irrefutable response... which he presented with humility, kindness and a good sense of humor.

Then he backed it up with dozens of short lessons to overcome the many objections to his initial posting.

In fact so great was his presentation that thousands of people forwarded his original post and several have even created websites to promote his message.

I urge you... though you all know I readily condemn this administration's role in many of our planet's and nation's problems... I freely admit it is not ALL their fault.

Please watch this man's humble arguments and do the right thing...
Politics aside... this is possibly the greatest decision we face in the history of mankind.

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