Monday, October 23, 2006

The Unraveling

RightWing Media Pundits pull all the stops

It is hard to imagine this tactic is still employed by the Right Wing Media majors like FOX. But here we have it again, Right wing talkshow pundits on every podium they can summon, spewing the most audacious misdirection and spin ever perpetrated on the general public.

Step right up ladies and gentleman,, see GOP pundit, Steve Malzberg, lyve, and caged in a prison of his party's own making. A Pundit with an unparalleled ability to muckrake the most vile propaganda known to man,, step right up and see how they treat their voting constituants,, like, a ninth ward minority granny on her rooftop, in New Orleans... Yes thats right folks,
OOOoooooowwww! , Don't let the kids get too close!
He's liable to snatch em from your mitts and devour them like or dervs at a GOP fundraiser.

,Who wants to ask the first question? You, there in the back, what do you want to ask the pundit?

When did the speaker of the house first learn of the congressman's penchant for little boy pages?

rrrrrarrrreerrrooowww... it was clinton, I mean monica lewinski,er radical activist liberal, democrats and communists, siding with AlQida and passing secrets that threaten our nations security rrreereeroaaarrssssss.... WMD's WMD's BinLaden and Iraq, Saddham and 9/11... liberal flip-floppers, disgracing the military... stay the course, greeted as liberators, we are a friendly nation that seeks to help democracy flourish throughout the middle east..... err... cluster bombs.....hhaaaaa uum wiretaps,eenn umm no free speech, no journalism....embed, embedded...activist, sodham, illegal aleins, border fence...
what was the question? err about two years ago...

Excuse me? Two years ago? We are talking about a person caught flirting with a MINOR!

Not just any person, a Congressman! Not just any Congressman, but the one who heads up the Commission to protect MINORS FROM PEDOPHILES??? Right?

iiiieeeeaarrrrrighhhhtyroooski.... radical russians, communist threat, alquida, carbomb, oklahoma, mcVey.... Hinkley Shot Reagan, terror suspects held in detention facilities errrrrrraaarrrr

And not just any Minor, but a captive group of children sent to SERVE CONGRESS....
A group of children given a chance to learn how Congress works! Sent by their parents
to get an up-close look at our 109th Congress - in action!

heeeeerrrrraarrraayy,, muktada elsauder, briitish taliban..... rrrrryes aI guess thats what happened..... so????

What have they learned? hie children, What have we exposed them too?
And now, how are the leaders of the GOP responding?

Weeeellllllllleerrrrii'mmmmmaaaagggonnnatttteeellllyaaa the kids were never in harms way, and are safely in their pajamas in bed...eeerrrrrriIi knowwthis cuz I tuckked in a few of the cute liitle boys, myself..e..rrrrraaaaahhh. - jesus haters- liberal anarchists errraaahhh.... 9/11 stay the course errr ahh umm....

How can anyone align themselves with this kind of doctrine? It is inconceivable to think that anyone can pretend to claim any moral high ground on this issue... while behaving like this. Steve??

WWWOOOOdddeemeeellllloommaaahhhh gotta big fat check for my appearance errrannnddddddI can perhaps one day follow in the footsteps of my hero Tony Snowwwwwww activistjudges errrroowww abortion lovers, leavenochildbehinddddddefense strategy, operation stoploss...errrrrr wwwooowww

Steve Malzberg you're a disgrace to journalism...We're talking about a Pedophile who has been essentially given the keys to the children's dormitory... by House Speaker Haskert and the GOP-run 109th Congress!

Errrrrrrhheeyy,, hee gottt the keys???? nnnnnaaaaannooo fairrrrrr, whay doesnt the press corp get them too???? Weerrree alwaays the last ones to the party..errrrrr ummmm....

Haskert knew of Foley's penchant for little boys-pages-for 2 years! But because the GOP needed that Republican seat. it was more important than the children of parents from both sides of the aisle.

Errrruummmsseeeuuummmmerrrrepublicans are betterrrrr, higher morality and church light.... Democrats, flip floppers errrann hillary.errr barbara boxerrrrrrandddddennisconyerrrracist judges...... errr stay the course... plausable deniability, acceptable casualty...eeerrrrr... no on said freedom would be easy errrraaarrrgggg Rumsfelt denied any wrongdoing...errrr brownies doin a heck of a job errruummmm

This has nothing to do about prior scandals,
nothing to do with Democrats at all...
but watch FOX network blatantly manipulate
public perception with lies,
unrelated distractions and bully tactics.
Straight out of Rove's Handbook

Steve Malzberg has the privilege
of being a radio talk-show host!
He should be censored just like Foley
should have been by Speaker Haskert.

Time to take to the pen and write opinions...
to friends, family, neighborhood papers....

FOX is blatantly abusing their privilege
to broadcast on our airwaves! And since
1981, the FCC, our government's oversight
commission has been systematically re-staffed
by media-friendly and in many cases media
owned personnel. Today the FCC is nothing
more than a rubber stamp
for this administration and its policy...
favoring media consolidation.

The director, Kevin Martin, headed the
Bush-Cheney transition team and is a radical
right-wing media advocate, his predecessor
Michael Powell blatantly served the interests
of media corporations... no wonder it seems
like this kind of conduct is okay!

The real question is How low
will we let them go?

We go about our lives too busy
to accept responsibility...
We push aside our duty as citizens
in a Democracy, our duty to be informed...
to take action, to participate.

We do so at our own peril,
for this democracy is unraveling
before our very eyes-
whether we choose to look
-or not, and when its gone,
there is no "do-over button"

Make sure the 110th Congress does not
become the second Rubberstamp of the
New American Century...

And keep the Rubberstamp Republicans
like Green out of the Govenor's office.
Lets not make our children pay
in ways far worse than the
Congressional Pages have paid.

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