Tuesday, October 17, 2006

End of Democracy!

What did you do yesterday?
My Mom turned 81... but that wasn't the most important event that occurred yesterday.

Yesterday America officially dismantled its very fabric. Bush and his rubberstamp Congress signed the 2006 Military Commission Act and officially made our existing form of government obsolete.... but for the figure head branches. Look Here

With the signing of this Bill, all the secret torture prisons this administration has built around the world are now legal. This Bill suspends Habeas Corpus for detainees ll, 4.5 acre big, Eisenhower, equipped with tactical military strike fighters and a barrage of surveillance and support aircraft, left Norfolk,VA on October 3rd with more than 5000 young sailors and air corps. The average age on board is 19 years so they are certainly able, but also impressionable.

As of tomorrow and certainly up through election time, the presence of this awesome arsenal will raise tension in an already tense area. Can you sat Tonkin Bay? How bout Pearl Harbor or September 11th... each of these events stuck fear and retribution throughout America. What will be this war's ignition incident? Will it happen next week or just before the election? Will you be drawn to fight back, or to look at the cause and effect scenario we have begun today?

This latest example of Bush Diplomacy... like Iraq, Afghanistan and the Lebennon/Palestine interventions before... should be a clear indicator of the agenda this administration has always had... even before 9/11. Regime Change is a clever word for Imperialism- the policy of extending the rule or authority of a nation over foreign countries.

As of today, he now has the authorization to do so.... where were you on October 17, 2006? This is a day will certainly live in infamy... perhaps even more-so than Dec 7th, 1941.


Grieve for our nation and its inability to escape
the self-distractive stranglehold its media, military, industrialists and politicians have put us in....

Some may laugh at my "conspiracy" talk...
but pray I'm wrong as it will surely make you wish
you'd cared more about defending democracy
rather than watching CSI: or Survivor...

Yesterday, the real Crime Scene was Washington
The Survivors of this act will not be you, as of yesterday
your rights were voted off the island.

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