Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October Suprise

God I hope this doesn't manifest itself,
but now is the time and the GOP certainly has set the stage....
Lets pray it doesn't come true....
but then how low does this administration go?

listen to Keith Olbermann speak of the failures... listen to him talk to the cowardly national ad that resurrects Bin-Laden... after even the pResident has written him off as no longer a concern.


But how low will these creatures go to march out their agenda of hegemony? How many more will they murder to keep the collective mindset of Americans in their grip? With less than two weeks til the election, it would play well from the Karl Rove handbook of Election Victories at Any Cost to pull the October Surprise.... like a bug listening on his campaign headquarters only days before incumbent Ann Richards was to sweep contender George W Bush by a wide margin. But the headline news of the wiretapping of campaign headquarters cast enough doubt to bring the the Goddess of Liberty atop the Austin Capitol building and the State of Texas... under Bush's control.

Days after the election, the truth of the "bug" broke, it has a battery life of 2 hrs, a range of 50 yards and was incorrectly setup. But the yet unknown Rove would tell you it worked just fine, for with that October surprise, his candidate took the office and the followup story never made it off an inset column on page 22 of section D.

Now the stakes are much higher... loss of the senate and house... leaving pResident Bush a complete lame duck... with several pieces to Cheny's political end-game yet to be played...

Now, the Bin-Laden ad, increased headlines of dirty bomb threats in stadiums and cities... Are we being tenderized for the real surprise? WIll this administration sink so low as to stage another terrorist act to stay in power? The stakes have never been higher... the pResident and his henchmen could still face prison if enough seats change.... would they bring down another building? Release a dirty bomb? Unleash a biological agent? ... or do they have an even better plan?

Diebold, ES&S and the voter machines... will all the elections return with 51 to 49 votes in favor of the Republicans? Will we again find out too late of the partisan crimes like Kathleen Harris (FL Sec of State 2000) now Congresswoman, who had 58,000 minority voters struck from the register because their surnames matched convicted people? Or Kenneth Blackwell (OH 2004 Sec of State) Head of elections commission and chair of Bush's re-election committee... who's now running for Governor! Blackwell who with Diebold President, "Deliver Ohio to the GOP"....

Yes perhaps there will be no October Surprise.... We can only Pray these Imperialistic Megalomaniacs in Washington do not murder more civilians on our own soil to swing the vote.... But will we have the November surprise when voters are once again, deceived by a privatized voting system that can swing digits to record victory of their choosing—and without paper to prove. Will we be one step closer to a reality we will wear in shame the rest of our lives?

Democracy is the will of the people, if we do nothing, our will be done.... we can stew in our own juices as the world returns to an awful chapter... when another megalomaniacal empire subjugated the masses... and trust me, we are all part of the masses.

Will it once again be the scrupulous work of investigative reporters to uncover the truth about the elections? Months and years later being able to connect the dots, get the story, find the truth... Or will our new laws restricting journalism, consolidating media ownership and control, and our new wiretapping freedoms empower this administration to see all, hear all, and arrest any who stand in their way.... or is that saved for 2008?

in prayers

Charlie Koenen
your wingnut prophet
with more ramblings
from the edge————|

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