Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Left wing media bias my eye!

Please take a moment to view this news clip on YouTube. If you don't have an account, it's free and easy to sign-up, just follow the prompts...

It's difficult to comprehend from this clip that we are talking about a person caught flirting with a MINOR! Not just any person, a Congressman! Not just any Congressman, but the one who heads up the Commission to protect MINORS FROM PEDOPHILES.

And not just any Minor, but a captive group of children sent to SERVE CONGRESS.... A group of children given a chance to learn how Congress works! Sent by their parents to get an up-close look at our 109th Congress -in action! What have they learned? What have we exposed them too? And now, how are the spokesmen of the GOP responding- just listen!

How can anyone align themselves with this kind of doctrine? It is inconceivable to think that anyone can pretend to claim any moral high ground on this issue... while behaving like this.

Steve Malzberg is a disgrace to journalism...

Again, we are talking about a Pedophile who has been essentially given the keys to the children's dormitory... by House Speaker Haskert and the GOP-run 109th Congress!

Haskert knew of Foley's penchant for little boys-PAGES-for 2 years! Because the GOP needed that Republican seat and it was more important than the children of parents from both sides of the aisle.

This has nothing to do about prior scandals,nothing to do with Democrats at all... but watch FOX network blatantly manipulate public perception with lies, unrelated distractions and bully tactics. Straight out of Rove's Handbook

Steve Malzberg has the privilege of being a radio talk-show host! He should be censored just like Foley should have been by Speaker Haskert. But the right wing media will look the other way just as the right wing government did with Foley. So who really thinks the media is left wing???

Time to take to the pen and write opinions... to friends, family, neighborhood papers....

FOX is blatantly abusing their privilege to broadcast on our airwaves! And since 1981, the FCC, our government's oversight commission has been systematically re-staffed by media-friendly and in many cases media owned personnel. Today the FCC is nothing more than a rubber stamp for this administration and its policy... favoring media consolidation.

The director, Kevin Martin, headed the Bush-Cheney transition team and is a radical
right-wing media advocate, his predecessor Michael Powell blatantly served the interests of media corporations... no wonder it seems like this kind of conduct is okay!

The real question is How low will we let them go?


We go about our lives too busy to accept responsibility... We push aside our duty as citizens in a Democracy, our duty to be informed... to take action, to participate. We do so at our own peril, for this democracy is unraveling before our very eyes- whether we choose to look -or not, and when its gone, there is no "do-over button"

Make sure the 110th Congress does not become the second Rubberstamp of the New American Century... And keep the Rubberstamp Republicans like Green out of the Govenor's office. Lets not make our children pay in ways far worse than the Congressional Pages have paid.

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