Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Senate Grants Immunity

Yesterday the Senate passed the Bush bill making permanent the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act- including the Telcom immunity provision making all the corporate communications companies immune from being held accountable for eavesdropping on Americans since 9/11!

Every Republiklan voted in favor, but so did 19 Democraps! Including my senator Herb Kohl. I called his office to voice extreme objection and listen to his feeble excuse... which he, as any corporate monkey dancing for bananas, said was because the government should take the responsibility for any corporate action it instructs them to take. Corporations no longer have to question authority, merely capitulate- free from harm, conscience or disruption of their bottom line!

Ole Cor-pirate Herb Kohl just exonerated his businesses and all others from ever being held accountable for any action they do for the government. But oddly, as this war has shown, Corporations and government officials are NEVER held accountable for actions.. only enlisted soldiers have been jailed for torture, stealing, disobeying orders and anything else officials and private contractors need to take action on because of public outcry.


With this, any company, say Blackwater, Halliburton, Dyncorp or any other... can freely take any action against the citizens of the US ... so long as they claim the pResident authorized them to do so... and since Dick "national secret" Cheney has set the standard, no government has to divulge who or when anyone gave the authorization!

Get it? when folks begin being rounded up and sent to detention camps.... your neighbors... you won't have rights, or powers to stop it. Kinda like the citizens in Germany prior to WWII.

You get it yet?
What are you prepared to do to defend your
Country from the enemy within?

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