Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Where do they stand?

Here is an interesting study done to plot where a person's values and ideology puts them on a chart between left and right, egalitarian or autocratic. Take a look at how the full field of presidential candidates are plotted, then test yourself and see where your values put you.... it will surprise you.

Amazing how we see that all the candidates still in the running fall into a very small ideological framework... that coincidentally serves the interests of the elite behind the media, the multinational corporations and the private banking world.

Funny how that works.. a nation with 300 million individuals has narrowed its choice for democratic representation to 2 candidates with obama a dark horse (no pun intended) before the fifth week in the election year. And all the candidates standing, fall into the same ideological quadrant... remarkable how our "melting pot" nation seems to have resolved all our differences when deciding who should rule. or are we really the deciders?

How did you score? Are you closer to Ghandi, Thatcher or Stalin?

What do you think?

And for extra credit.. check out this history test.

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