Thursday, March 09, 2006

Happy Mothers Day

Julia Ward Howe, founder of Mother's Day, author of the Mother's Day Proclamation in 1870 following the Civil War, called for peace and disarmament.

An excerpt follows:

From the voice of a devastated Earth
a voice goes up with our own.
It says: "Disarm! Disarm!
The sword of murder is not the balance of justice."
Blood does not wipe our dishonor,
Nor violence indicate possession.
As men have often forsaken the plough and the anvil
at the summons of war,

Let women now leave all that may be left of home
For a great and earnest day of counsel.
Let them meet first, as women,
to bewail and commemorate the dead.
Let them solemnly take counsel
with each other as to the means
Whereby the great human family can live in peace...

Today we celebrate her courage and efforts... by screening the film The Promise of America.

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