Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Behind the Mold

We've been hearing all this talk of the rancid conditions at some of the Water Reed Hospital buildings where our Brave Fighting Men and Women who've suffered in battle come to be healed. We feel outraged that Mold, Rat Poop, Leaks etc... are not taken care of as we pour Trillions into the "War On Terror"

It would seem that the real "Terror" awaits our injured soldiers when they arrive home to receive "safe modern medical treatment".... WRONG! ... Not in the BushCo "exit is not an option" military, where denial isn't only the answer to reality on the ground in Iraq, its the policy for benefits, compensation, and healing back at home. But heck, many of our citizens loyally defend his actions, if only because they have no idea what's really going on, when watching mainstream media for our views.

How many continue to defend, even as more ugly truths come to light? They protest almost as defiantly as the Pentagon leaders, who spin their propaganda until they've stuck their foot so far in their mouths, they're chewin on their boot straps! Over and over again Leaders deny their actions until proof reaches critical mass —then they say it was a "few bad apples" like Abu Graib, Guantanimo and even Fallujah, where White Phosphorus was used to indiscriminately kill men, women, children and animals in the most horrifying way imaginable.

The chemical, orignally dropped by parachute to light up night skies the battlefields in Vietnam, was discovered to cause horrific trauma to flesh when just traces of the dust comes in contact. Skin burns to bone without effecting fabric. People, and animals melt to death, or worse if it is inhaled. (you may also remember it was precisely such action (gasing civilians) that got Saddam a quick trip to the Gallows Pole- for less fatalities and with less vicious means of mass murder than BushCo's "WhiskeyPete") but again, who's watching eh?

Well heres the next, believe it or not, for you "logic-lovin" patriots who seem to gloss over facts on your way to assert that Clinton got a Blojwob! Guess who's been recently put in charge of maintenance of Walter Reed in an effort to "privatize" yet another public service to make it "less expensive" ?? Francis Harvey took the fall by getting fired for his lack of oversight of War Profiteer — IAP Worldwide Services who received a 5 year 120 Million Dollar Contract to —( let-r-rot )— er provide services to Walter Reed Medical Center.

Yeah, I been to Home Depot lately and their cleaning solutions and paint prices are through-the-roof ! ! No wonder IAP couldn't mop the floors and scrub the walls... that cuts deep into the profits... but you think they might have gotten a discount card at the Depot cuz their CEO only recently left from Halliburton—you know, the Vice President's company —er formercompany. IAP was formed to help share the "burden" of redistributing the tax-payer's money to yet another war-profiteer. (wonder if he leaves his lights on in his mansions like Al Gore?)

Who's gonna be first to start talkin bout Clinton?

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