Sunday, November 07, 2004

Stay Tuned...

Okay Friends...

We're coming together... the clouds of confusion are clearing and the emotions are settling.
Our Election 9/11 tragedy has given s new found redemption and purpose.

Here is a draft of just one of the things that have been distilling in my consciousness recently.

I've spoken to most of you recently of an idea I have to bring about a change.
I'm working with some ideas for a vehicle and a gestalt to bring us together...
and hope you will all play an active role in it's germination, and fruition.

My thoughts stem from to directives- intellectual and emotional... both need healing.
I feel it is important for us to begin to differentiate these sources as we form a foundation for a dialog.

Emotional directives can have caustic implications... a silly picture of a leader, a telling joke... but in the end,
they serve to charge the recipient... I hope we begin to look beyond the use of these items... and find a way to
channel our emotions towards a greater good... anyone can make a funny picture of Bush, or catch him in a foible...
lets begin to move from that base and find a common ground to build a positive emotion...
one to truly effect change here at home.

This piece I've encluded serves the emotional directive through intellect...
Soon I'll have an intellectual directive to offer you.
It is in the works and really exciting...
I hope it will serve as a base for each of us to build upon.
All our voices are important- I'm simply channeling what is necessary through me,
and offering it up to you all.

First thing I want to say though- is to urge you to forgive... Forgive yourself, Forgive your neighbor,
Forgive your fellow citizens. I didn't say forget... just make peace.

We have an opportunity to make real gains from this... We must learn the lesson- humility is the first step to understanding our differences, and finding common ground.

Humility does not mean to lay prostrate on the ground...
it means to accept the news and reflect, and renew

More is coming...
Stay tuned.

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