Thursday, February 19, 2004

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

From: wingnut
Subject: Re: Fw: History lesson (Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely)
Date: February 19, 2004 1:48:38 AM CST

Mom you continually forward these right-wing propaganda posts and its really not nice. It (spam) clutters the internet with useless duplication of divisive propaganda. It's too bad that good people fueled with the "right" information become so motivated to take a patriotic stance, that they are blind to the political intentions in pursuit of power taken by their leaders. What's worse is that it continues the evil by encouraging innocent, well-minded people, like you mom, to embrace and forward-on these ideals created through lies.

I know it upsets you to hear me respond. But it tears at my soul to see what kind of sheep we've become in pursuit of security, stability and materialism...and how a few corrupt people in leadership positions can completely manipulate so many good people by threatening our security, stability and materialism.

With deepest respect, the good people in this email "Fw: History lesson" are intentionally displaying their military status to gain respect in their email. They are vocal and agitated because they are responding to a "perceived" threat to their country...and because of their military background they have been conditioned to equate country, patriotism and honor with blind faith. Anyone who is able to demonstrate to them that one of those sacred beliefs has been violated, will trigger a defense mechanism within a soldier that will lash out with blind aggression to defend- god, country and honor. And while I believe this to be a real instinct trained into any good soldier (there's is not to question why....but to simply do or die) - it is not a good trait for a citizen practice.

So if you were a corrupt person, in a leadership role, and you knew of this condition-response capability trained into our fighting forces.... what would stop you from using this power to justify your means? These noble fighting men have become pawns in a game that is beyond their comprehension. They are unwittingly duped into thinking they are defending justice and freedom....when in fact they are only helping a few corrupt people become untouchable.... think about it.

And now even more good people, who appreciate the sacrifice that our soldiers have endured to protect and preserve our freedom, not only condone these emails, but send them on to others.... With their approval. And so it goes, a fantastic ploy to win the hearts of a nation with a new resource of email. Once again a wonderful invention is mis-used as a means to gain more power and feed the corruption of a select few.

Alfred Nobel invented TNT and J. Robert Oppenheimer was father of the A Bomb, both felt deep remorse upon realizing the devastating consequences their powerful discoveries became when used in ways they did not intend. Pres Eisenhower, supreme commander of Allied forces in WWII, warned of the catastrophic danger our nation faces if we allow ungoverned growth of the military industrial complex... the unholy alliance of defence contractors, the Pentagon, the media and politicians.

They saw many of us become so engrossed in our day-to-day lives that we were unable to take the time to stop and think of things beyond our immediate circle of reference. Like family, friends, work and community.... They, like us were not bad people, only people who unfortunately became duped by corrupt leaders who used them to attain more power.

Our lives are so complicated with important things... family, work, church, social events, friends, relatives.... that we have very little time to actually contemplate the larger world around us. To actually spend time reflecting on the changes that have been happening around us every day. We have obligations to uphold...a family to raise and support... soccer games to attend... meals to prepare... businesses to run, jobs to complete, homework, housework, civic responsibilities, church duty... parent teacher conferences, school plays.... piano lessons to get the kids too.... at the end of the day.... there's a house full of children who demand attention... There is little quiet time to try to begin to understand the bigger picture... to question authority- heck we barely have time to understand authority... how many people can actually say they have studied the views, backgrounds, and associations of the candidates to actually try to choose the best person for the job? For most of us there is very little time.

And what little time we do find, we are conditioned to satisfy artificial needs that have been woven into our fabric of existence.... gotta watch CSI, ER, Bachelorette, or Law & Order......blah blah... gotta wear this outfit or listen to that music... gotta have this house, need to have that car... gotta shop at this store... can't be seen without my hair done just right... have to be at this event....gotta have people see me here...or there...

I for whatever reason, have found myself at 42 with time... time to reflect on some of these issues, time because I do not have a family or big job responsibilities... my curse or calling.... I appreciate many of my peers who don't have time to look deeper... who are working hard to support their families and way of life. I see how it is very difficult for them to foster a view of what is transpiring in America today such as I have been able to. It is with compassion that i try to call attention to the things they may be overlooking in their efforts to raise a family or make ends meet.

Advertising- my chosen field- has evolved into a powerful Weapon of Mass Deception. One that is even more devastating to a society than TNT or an A-Bomb. Once viewed as a wonderful means to help businesses, products, persons, peoples, views or ideas succeed... it has, like TNT and the Atomic energy, become corrupted in the hands a few leaders with unethical intentions.

An advertising campaign seeks to sway opinion about a product, view or service. When successful, a campaign can convince people to embrace anything...( ie healthy cigarettes, OJ was innocent, Microsoft is innocent, McCarthyism, Enron, Vietnam war was justified, Medicare reform, Leave No Child Behind, Patriot Act, Iraq linked to 9/11, stockpiles of WMD, no link between Halliberton, oil and Iraq.....) only through time, do the facts reveal the truth. I'm afraid we've become so good at advertising... we've created a tool so powerful that in the hands of corrupt people, it can sway great numbers of people to do things they never would do consciously. And that frightens me.

We have precious little time these days, don't we? So Mom, please don't help these traitors by forwarding their propaganda. No doubt everyone on your list is a good citizen and loves our country, so ther's no need to fuel this patriotic fervor any more than it already is... don't be part of the problem, if you don't think there needs to be a solution, fine. Just don't keep deepening the problem.

with love and respect, your son.

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